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situation- I'm currently 17 years old, graduating '07. I met her 3 years ago actually at a certain organization and we both still participate in the organization up to this point. I might have worded the question a little badly... We actually get along really well. I really like her obviously, and I'm not quite sure how she feels about me. The problem is that we're both somewhat... polite and prudent in nature, which only really shows between us. I mean, I have a bestfriend(girl) who I hug and talk secrets and sleep on the same bed without feeling awkward, but when I'm with this girl, we barely say a word to each other. We only acknowledge each other with friendly smiles, hi's, and bye's but never hold any kind of conversation. We see each other only once a week so I don't have much chance to talk to her. We have no problem talking online, and its not as hard to talk on the phone, but face to face neither of us really have anything to say to each other. The last thing I want to do is give her up.


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no love is very hard to find

depending on the person you are you can love someone if you don't trust them but it will be hard.

Love is a very strong feeling. If you truly love someone, then forgetting them will be almost impossible.

Open your heart to love and respect yourself then they will come along.

Hard to be in love with someone who is dead.

Nothing. It is hard to love someone who doesn't love you, but in this case they don't even like you so you need to move on. Forget them. Out there is someone who will love you as much as you love them.


No when the right guy comes along he will know you were ment to be together as long as you be your self and not try to hard your good to go!

Be yourself, live your life, and..eventually he/she will come along :)

Because loving someone who doesn't love you back absoulutely murders you inside.

If you had to choose one or the other a better one to choose would be to stay with someone you love but don't get along with. Although you don't get along with them anything they do there would surpise you which would make it exciting. Sadly, it can also be annoying as well. But in the and love is the best thing because if there is no love, no passion, it means nothing. I disagree. I believe time will show you that love is an action, not a feeling. It's how you treat someone and how they treat you. The part of "love" that makes you stay with someone you can't stand will never last, but affectionate feelings for the one who treats you well will soon grow. That's real love.

you cant MAKE someone love you as they have there own feelings that you cant control. please dont even bother trying as relationships are hard at the end of the day and if you force someone to love you, then they dont love you for who you are, they just love you because you made then? to be honest darling if they dont love you then dont even bother! you are probably a amazing person, you just need to wait for your perfect math to come along

I didn't know you can fall in love on poptropica.You haven't seen him/her yet,have you?It will be hard but I know you can do it!;)

Well, you can! But, it would be hard because the word Alexithymia means, for example, a person with a lot of anger and emotion. So, if you like or love someone with Alexithymia, it would be your opinion to love him or her at all.

=Well it is hard but if he loves someone else and you really love him you would let him go with his heart and you would let him have what he wants=

because they don't love you there cheating on you don't worry she get a better boyfriend and a life by Michael brown

Love is important between the husband and the wife because along with love comes respect for each other so you should know when you no longer love someone because the respect that you had for them is lost along with the love.

yes she might still love you if she was falling for someone else exspecially if you were her first love....most loves are hard to forget about even if your falling for someone else.

Loving someone has nothing to do with how sexy you are. When the right person comes along, they will love you for you, and not whether you're sexy or not. Don't try and be someone you're not; just be yourself and the right person will come along in no time!

Break up with your boyfriend. Don't string him along. It may give the man you DO love the OK to ask you out.

If they truly love you they wouldn't be with someone else. to let go is hard but it takes a few weeks of no contact with them and the company of a good friend or other interesting person.

you just have to wait and to prove to that person that you are worth being with. patience is the clue it is hard but you have to do that

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