What do you do when you love someone who is hard to get along with?

situation- I'm currently 17 years old, graduating '07. I met her 3 years ago actually at a certain organization and we both still participate in the organization up to this point. I might have worded the question a little badly... We actually get along really well. I really like her obviously, and I'm not quite sure how she feels about me. The problem is that we're both somewhat... polite and prudent in nature, which only really shows between us. I mean, I have a bestfriend(girl) who I hug and talk secrets and sleep on the same bed without feeling awkward, but when I'm with this girl, we barely say a word to each other. We only acknowledge each other with friendly smiles, hi's, and bye's but never hold any kind of conversation. We see each other only once a week so I don't have much chance to talk to her. We have no problem talking online, and its not as hard to talk on the phone, but face to face neither of us really have anything to say to each other. The last thing I want to do is give her up.