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Many guys have a "hands off" policy when it comes to their buddies ex-girlfriends. You might approach this guy and ask him how he feels about dating you. Guys like a girl who is forward, but not pushy.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 22:55:18
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Q: What do you do when you think the guy you like is interested in you because he always stares but never approaches you because you were with his friend for a short time?
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Why do girls always think of me as just a friend?

If gurls think of you as a friend and a friend only then your not their type or they aren't interested.

What do you do when your gay friend has a crush on you?

Just tell him/her you're not interested and if you are, tell him/her. If you just want to be friends (and nothing more) tell him/her that. Always support them in their choices...don't ignor it because you may loose that friend.

How to ask a guy friend subtly if they are interested in me?

A good way to ask a guy subtly if he is interested in you is to send him a note to ask him. A better way would be to just come right out and ask in person because subtlety isn't always the best way to get someones attention when you are interested.

Why does your boyfriend always sits with my best friend?

because he likes your best friend

What do you do if your crushs friend likes you and he won't give up?

If you're not interested in a guy, always always be clear. You don't have to be mean about it but you must be clear and firm. If he still doesn't get the message, talk to a friend, parent or someone you trust to get more help because he's got to stop if you wish he would.

Who is better a girl friend or a true friend?

I would have to say a true friend because you can always count on them.

What does it mean when a guy says he will always be in your life but doesnt want a relationship?

He wants to be your friend, but is not interested in being your lover.

What does it mean if the boy u like always is near u like whenever u turn around he's always there and then you say his name and he's usually there while your talking to ur best friend about him?

I think it`s because he wants to know if your intrested in him because he is interested in you.

Why are you interested in being a homeroom representative?

I interested in being a homeroom representative because I could meet new friend, and now more about school.

If he's not interested why does he add me as a friend on Facebook and messenger?

Maybe he's interested in you as a "friend" only.

Your shy friend stares and smiles at you all the time and is always making you laugh does he like you?

Chances are he is interested in you and also values your friendship.

If your friend says another guy is hot?

They are your friend and they are looking at other guys - nothing wrong with that however, if this bothers you and makes you jealous it may be because you are interested in your friend more than just a friend.

How are you my friend in Turkish?

"nasılsın arkadaşım" or "how are you my friend" both works because they are always welcome to the foreign people :)

What do you do if your boyfriend's friend has a crush on you?

If you are with your boyfriend and want things to stay that way you do nothing besides telling him that your not interested and you have a boyfriend if he approaches you. If you are undecided and not sure if you want to be with your boyfriend anymore it would be time to leave him and take some time to sort your feelings out - don't jump into a relationship with his friend.

Chalio Enriques is GAY?

If by "gay" you are wondering if your friend is happy, I hope he is. It is always wonderful when you care about your friends happiness. Your friend maybe interested in same sex dating. the only way to find that out is to ask your friend personaly.

What does it mean when a girl calls you a friend?

that your her friend and that she is not romantically interested in you

If you like this boy but he says that your best friend and him go out what do you do?

Just act normally but still be friends with him because if you go all quiet around him, then he not be interested in you. Be chatty and always happy and he might like you more than your best friend. And maybe other boys will like you aswell.

How did slash get his nckname?

He got it from a childhood friend because he was always on the move

I like my friend but don't know if he likes me back He always stares at me but thinks I dont notice because I don't say anything. He sits by me and makes me laugh. Does he like me.?

Evidently he is quite interested. Just talk to him about it , maybe ask him "What kinda girl are you interested in?" What you should do is approach him because then if he does like you then there will be a spark. But take it slow.

Why do you call a friend a friend?

i think why you call a friend a friend is because the other person is trustworthy,kind,funny and will always have your back no matter what and will stick up for you.

Why is Charlie Sheen always high?

Because he's always doin' drugs. Cause and effect my friend.

My best friend is jealous because her boyfriend called me pretty what do i do?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself if you are interested in this guy. If the answer is yes then you need to be truthful to your friend. If the answer is no then think about the whole situation. You haven't done anything wrong. Tell your friend that even if her boyfriend likes you, you are not interested. If I was your friend I would go out with a guy that calls my best friend pretty but not me.

What does it mean if your best guy friend is always touching you?

If it is playful touching like a nudge in the arm or a hi-five, it could be a signal that he is interested in you.

Why are you always the friend of a friend of a girl?

wrong ! you just hang out with the girl because you <3 her but you dont know it yet

Can you flirt with your friend though you just chat with him as a friend?

you can always flirt! wether you mean to or not- its just a game, if you are interested in him and he is your friend- ignore what people say about it ruining friendships! all it means is that you skip the boring bits because yo know all you need to know! just remember crushes and flirting are just fun enjoy it!