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It may just take a while for it to take effect. If it still doesn't change then you should email the help team who should be able to change it for you.

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Q: What do you do when you unprotect your tweets on twitter but it still says this person has protected there tweets?
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How do you unprotect your tweets on using the twitter app on iPhone 4S?

You can't, you can only unprotect them on the web version.

How do you stop message blocking on Twitter?

To unprotect your tweets go to settings and uncheck the protect tweets box.

Can someone tell if you are looking at their Twitter?

No, that's why stalkers are thankful to twitter for they can view a person's tweets/profile freely unless their tweets are protected.

How do you unprotect your Twitter account?

By going to your settings and un-ticking the box called "Protect my tweets".

How do you allow you tweets on Twitter go to the public but still have to approve people to follow you?

You can't do this. You either protect your tweets and approve people to follow you or you unprotect your account and your tweets are viewable and anyone can follow you.

How does she read your messages on twitter when its been protected on there?

If your tweets are protected then only people following you can see your tweets. If she isn't following you then maybe she has access to an account that is following you.

Is mel Gibson on Facebook?

No Mel Gibson is not on facebook but he is on Twitter but he has protected his tweets.

Does Dylan Sprouse go on Twitter?

Yes he does. His username is 'DylanSprouse1' but he has protected his tweets so you need to send a request to see his tweets.

Can people comment on your twitter or blog site?

Any Twitter user can send you a tweet if your account/tweets aren't protected.

How do you accept a person who wants to follow you on twitter?

If you have protected tweets, you will see a follower request on the right hand side sidebar of your homepage. Click on it and you can decide if you want to accept or deny the request. If you don't have protected tweets, anyone can follow you without your permission.

How do you reset your tweets on Twitter?

i don't think you can reset your tweets on twitter.

Can non followers in twitter see if you mentioned them in a tweet although your tweets are protected?

If you included their full username (@username) then that tweet will appear in their @replies even if your account is protected.

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