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stay cool girl dont you like another boy dont get all freaked out

just the you like another boy you like another boy

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tell him, What are you doing with her! I thought you were my boyfriend!

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

She likes you and that other guy and her boyfriend but does not know who she likes best.

If he love you,he will give you chance.You can do something to him!

I would confront the girl or warn your boyfriend

you slap him across the face. I hope that helps :D

yes it is cause how will you know if he likes you more or less.

Then forget about him hun. He is your boyfriend for cryin out loud! He should be focused on only one girl.. and that's you! You can do alot better then him.. I'm sure!:)

tell him to chose who he likes best or if you want a man who likes only you then say go chase after that hoe you like.

If your girl friend cheats on you then the guy has to dump her after he finds out who it is. But she cheats on a girl then theres a problem. And if your boyfriend cheats on you or is crushing on another girl just dump him but ask him if he likes another girl first instead of dumping him if you do not know.

Just ask him. If you can't even feel comfortable communicating with your boyfriend he is not the man for you! If you have to ask the question how do you tell if your boyfriend likes another girl you need to work on your own insecurity. You don't need to worry about what your man does unless you have concrete evidence of him liking another girl. If a man gives you no reason not to trust him than you have to take a look at yourself.

a way to know if he likes another girl is if he keeps looking at her and smiling also if he talks about her with his friends.

He's not a great person. If you were that girl, than your boyfriend is telling another girl that he likes them, so think about it. It's basically like cheating!

If she shows interest ,or complains about her boyfriend to you.

A girl can still like a boy even if she has a boyfriend. But she might not break up with her boyfriend. To tell if a girl likes you, she might smile at you alot, want to sit near you and ask her friends about you.

If he hangs out with her secretly or he acts weird in front of you when other girls are around

He is eather thinking about cheating then saw you or joking

To ask you boyfriend if he like another girl is very difficult. You can ask in a hypothetical way, for example, if we werenÕt together or if I didnÕt exist would you like this person.