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What do you do when your friend tells you a girl likes you?


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if your friend is a boy: say ok...who likes me

if your friend is a girl: ask her if it's her

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She likes that guy, and thinks that you are a good enough friend that you will help her.

it means that she thinks that you like her and she likes you to

it depends if he tells you that he likes your friend first but if he dating your best friend just tell him no if he ask you out

if a girl tells her friend does she like you and she says yes she like you but then you send your friend to tell the girls that she said yes she like me and she says no to your friend does she like you???

It means she wants to make you her best friend, which can mean she likes you .. MAYBE ..

Most of the time when a guy tells a girl he has always liked he means that he likes to be around her, likes her personality, and likes her as a good friend. Sometimes a guy could mean that he has had a crush on her and has wanted her to be his girlfriend.

It means either he likes to gossip...or he is possibly interested in this girl.

Probably. Maybe she's just shy to tell you she likes you...! You should probably go for it and tell her you like her, well if you do like her!

When a guy tells a girl he more than likes her, he is telling her that he likes her as more than a friend. If he loved her then he would use the word love so he isn't quite there yet but may be heading in that direction.

It simply means that the guy THINKS the girl is in love with him. This may or may not be true, but if he says "in love" and not "she likes me" then that means he likes you back.

Ok look my friend has kind the same problem only with my friend he has a girl he likes but his mom doesn't want him to have a girl friend in till he is 16 this is what I told him and this is what will tell you wait that's all you can do is wait

heyy. my name is darian, and this has happened to me a lottt. lol but you just have to flirt as much as you can. and it could happen:)

Nothing. Or thank friend A for doing something that friend B was afraid to do.

they mean that he don't care about anybody else liking him but the girl he go with

When a guy tells a girl that, he more than likes her, he means that he loves her and is ready for a relationship with that girl.

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