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You get a really big explosion. Sulfur mixed with water is BANG!!!

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What do you get if you mix copper and iron?

When you mix copper and iron you will get Bronze

What happends when you mix copper II sulfate with iron?

if its a mixture of copper ii sulfate and water first if you mix it with iron you will get a green liquid

What will happen if you mix iron sulfur mixture and hydrochloric acid?

Well, if we mix iron sulfur mixture and hydrochlonic acid, only the iron reacts.

What can you produce if you mix sulfur and iron?

Iron sulphide

What do you call an iron and sulfur mix?

iron sulphide

When you mix the iron and sulfur what is happening to the observe?

its vibrating

What word equation do you get if you mix iron to copper sulphate?

The iron will displace the copper as it is more reactive. here's the equation: iron + copper sulphate = iron sulphate +copper

What happens when sulfur and iron powders mix?

physical change

What distinguishes a compound like copper sulfide from an ordinary mixture of copper powder and sulfur?

Copper Sulfide is a wholly different chemical from copper and sulfur, and thus shows different characteristics and is not dividable by physical means, while a mixture of copper and sulfur powder is just a physical mix.

What happens when you mix copper sulphate and iron together?

iron sulphate will be created

What type of solution is formed when you mix sulfur powder and water?

No solution, as sulfur is not soluble in water.

How do you separate copper sulphate from iron and sand?

mix it all up with water, the coper sulfate will dissolve in the water and the sand and the iron cannot. then filter the stuff, the filter will catch the iron and the sand, the copper sulfate/water solution will go through the filter. then, evaporate the water to get the copper sulfate alone. use a magnet on the DRY sand and iron to remove the iron from the sand. use differences in physical properties to separate physically mixed mixtures.

What is your observation when you mix a small amount of iron fillings and sulfur powder in a piece of paper and observe under a magnifying lens?

We can observe small particles of iron and sulfur.

What happens in the iron and sulfur reaction?

The Sulfur and Iron mix together and, with added heat, make a chemical compound called Iron Sulfide (equation is Fe+S= FeS). Iron Sulfide is a black, crumbly solid.

How do you separate a mixture of sulfur sand and iron filings?

By using a magnet to separate the iron filings, you'd be left with the sulfur and sand mix. Selecting a solvent for the sulfur will allow you to dissolve the sulfur, and then all you have to do is put the sand in a filter and wash the sulfur through with the solvent.

Will sulphur mix with water?

Sulfur don't react with water; a suspension can be obtained with a very fine sulfur powder.

How do you separate a mixture of iron filings copper sulphate cystals and chalk powder?

Use a magnet to remove the iron filings from the mixture, then mix the remaining components with water. The copper sulfate will dissolve but the CaCO3 (chalk powder) will not. Filter the mixture to remove the chalk, then boil the water to recover the copper sulfate.

Is it chemicl or physical change when mix sulfur with water?

sulphur can not be mixed with water.

Why can't water and sulfur mix?

they can't mix because they r both different elements

What happens to the particles when you mix copper sulphate and iron?

Diffusion occurs - The particles of copper sulphate move between the particles iron because the particles are tiny and discrete.

What do you get if you mix sulfur and copper?

you get a hard substance called copper sulfate. it smells really bad however, and it is a dark color with a tint of blue. -ahmad khatib

What do you get when you mix copper tin iron and lead?

At room temperature is only a metals mixture.

What happens when you mix iron and copper sulfate?

The iron will line up with copper in a triangular crystaline structer cause of the diamagnetic property of copper might make interesting nano struture . Drop out loser on the dole

What happens when you mix iron filings and salt water?

You get a mixture of iron filings and salt water.

How do the particles behave in the reaction between iron and sulfur?

it all happens with the mulecules and the atom. as they mix/combine and they then jion