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nothing, i think you just get to say, hey, imma pro! but in wii Bowling you get a sparkle ball and in wii boxing, a new glove......ect.

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Q: What do you get when you become a pro in Wii tennis?
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Who is the world breaker of the Wii game Wii sports of tennis?

me im a 10560 pro

How to you get the silver tennis racket in wii sports?

If you have four wii remotes play 4 player and be the fourth player!

How man points you need till you can be a pro on tabble tennis on wii sports resort?


How do you become a pro at boxing in wii sports?

score over 1,000 ponits

What happens when you are a pro on wii tennis?

They send you a note and in tennis you could play with more people, in boxing you could get silver or gold boxing gloves , and in bowling you get more decorative ball that's what you get when you are pro in wii sports!!!!!!!

When did Andrew Murray become a tennis player?

Andy Murray turned pro in 2004/

What happens when you become a pro in wii bowling?

You rbowling ball gets a dimond patteren

How do you complete Wii sports?

There really is no way to complete Wii Sports, but you can become a pro on all of the games, and that is a good way to complete it.

What are Venus Williams contributions?

venus' goals were to become a pro tennis player

Does Dr J have a good relationship with his tennis pro daughter?

No, but he does with his pro tennis daughter.

How do you get 6innings in wii sports baseball?

you go to options and they offer you 3 , 6 , or 9 (if you become pro).

What happens when you get a 1000 rating in wii sports resort?

You will become a pro which allows you to have a star next to your name.