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What do you have to do to become a wrestler?


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2006-04-07 18:21:40
2006-04-07 18:21:40

First, it helps to get an amature background and start asking around for nearby wrestling schools. OVW will give you a developmental contract if you wrestle well enough. I back the person that wrote the 1st answer, but you must be committed and willing to do everything you need to do, to become a wrestler. If you are pursuing thing career, I wish you the best of luck. Never give up on your dreams. Move to the U.S or Start your own WWF version.


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Yes it is dear to become a wrestler.............

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Become a good wrestler and try and get a tryout.

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to be a pro wrestler you must be at least 18

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It depends. . . for a professional wrestler about 18 or 19 but anyone can become a wrestler at any age.

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No if u were too old to become a wrestler you would be 30 or older

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