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Michigan state statue pertaining to the emancipation of a minor is MRS Chapter 722-722.4. Rather than quote or "paste" in the information, it would be more productive for the minor involved to do their own research. Being able to handle one's own affairs is part of the requirement of being granted emancipation rights.

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Q: What do you have to do to get emancipated from your parents when you are a 16 year old female living in the state of Michigan?
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In Michigan at what age does a minor have a say in living at home or with a relative?

In Michigan, a minor must live with their parents or guardians until they are 18 years of age. A minor can always hire an attorney and try to get emancipated.

What legal age can a child move out without parental consent to Texas from Michigan?

generally people move out at 18, but with parental permission or if you are emancipated you can when you are 17 (you can emancipated if your parents are failing to provide you with support). If you are not emancipated then you cant move out at 17. Living on your own is a lot harder then you think and should be thought about before moving out unless parents are not providing support.

Does your parents have to sign you off for you to get emancipated?

Depends on the state your living in.

You are 17 living with a 24 year man and you have your parents permission can he go to jail?

it depends on the state or if you are "emancipated"

Do you have to be living on your own before you can get emancipated?

In some states, yes, that's a requirment, and in order to move out, you have to have your parents permission.

Why do kids want to get emancipated?

because there parents treat them like crap or they are pregnant and don't want to be living with their family when they have the baby

Are parents obligated to provide child support for a 16 year old not living at home?

Yes, unless the child is emancipated.

If you can't make decisions for yourself who is the next of kin if you are not married?

In most places, it is your parents if they are living and not legally emancipated from you, then your siblings, then the state.

If a 19-year-old male and a 17-year-old female living in Michigan have a relationship approved by her parents can he go to jail if she gets pregnant?

No. The age of consent for sexual activity in Michigan is 16. Parents cannot approve of any activity that is illegal. If they allow it to happen at a younger age, they can be prosecuted for child abuse.

How do you get emancipated in Montana?

There are a few requirements for getting emancipated in Montana. You must be at least 16 and a Montana resident. You should be living apart from your parent or guardian and be capable of supporting yourself financially, and your parents will need to consent to the emancipation.

Who is responsible for medical bill accrued when a 17 year old is not living at home?

Parents are responsible for their children until they reach the age of majority or are emancipated.

How do you get emancipated if your parents do not want you to be emancipated?

from what I've been looking into you have to patition a court and meet the state laws most of them are that you can support yourself, and show that you are mature enough to take care of yourself. also you should already be living away from your parents and have a job, and not have any type of conflict with police or juvinial (spelling) court.

Can you move out of your parents house at 17 living in Michigan without your parents consent?

No, well when you're in college Or you're 18 you can move out!,

Can a sixteen year old terminate legal rights of the parents or become emancipated in South Carolina if parent consents?

Yes. You have to have parental consent to be legally emancipated, unless you are being mentally/emotionally abused, physically abused, or their living arrangements are unstable.

18 year old stepson still in high school not living with parents how can I emancipate this child in Indiana?

He is no longer a minor at 18, he is an adult. He is all ready emancipated.

If a 16 year old is emancipated is she able to date over the age of 18?

Do you mean that if a 16 year old is emancipated can she date a 18 year old? I suppose she can, but you have to realize that emancipation is much more than dating. To be emancipated means you are responsible for your living expenses, and how you live. You have to pay for yourself and are responsible for your actions. Your parents no longer have to take care of you.

Can an 18 years old male us citizen living in Michigan marry 20 years old female from Myanmar?


Can you be an out of state driver and still be under your parents auto policy?

Insurance is overseen by individual states. If your parents have your car insured in Michigan and you are now living in another state with your car, say California, you will need to get a California auto policy, and drop the Michigan one.

Can a 17 year old living in Florida move out with parental consent but not become legally emancipated?

Not until they are 18 years of age in Florida. Until then the parents determine where you live.

How can a 16-year-old boy live with adult friends if his parents do not approve?

a 16 yr old boy can not live with adult friends unless he gets emancipated. To be emancipated the child has to prove that the living conditions at his present home are not good. He then has to prove that he can live on his own financially.

What are the legal consequences in Michigan for a minor who runs away because of bad living conditions at home?

They will be apprehended by the authorities and returned to their parents.

Can a 19 year old be arrested for living with a 17 year old girlfriend without her parents consent?

Exactly where would you live? Would you sneak into her bedroom window to spend the night? If she's living on her own, than she emancipated.

Can an emancipated teenager living other adults get child support?

In general, emancipated children are not eligible for child support - they are considered adults.

Can a child be 20 years old going to collage living with a parent and not be emancipated?

You became emancipated naturally when you turned 18 so no.

What document is often seen in conjunction with a living will?

emancipated minor