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The state does not offer grounds nor procedures for emancipation of a minor except in judicial matters concerning the termination of parental rights by the court. Indiana laws do address the issue of "partial emancipation" when it pertains to a minor being involved in an Motorcycle Racing and other specified types of amateur sports/activities.

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Q: What do you have to do to get emancipated in Indiana if you are sixteen?
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Can you be emancipated at sixteen years old in Indiana?

Sorry, Indiana does not have an emancipation statute.

Can a ward of the state in Indiana get emancipated?

can a miner who was adopted from the state of indiana become emancipated

How can you get emancipated at sixteen in Idaho?

You don't.

Is a sixteen year old considered emancipated if they are pregnant in the state of Indiana?

No, you are considered a minor in all states unless you have went through the emancipation process.

How do you get emancipated at the age of 16 in the state of Indiana?

Indiana does not have an emancipation statute.

Why can not you move out at sixteen?

You can, it's called emancipated minor.

Can a sixteen year old legally move out in the state of ak?

Only if the sixteen year old is emancipated.

What is the lowest age to get emancipated in Indiana?

Indiana Sorry, there is no emancipation status for this state.

How can you get and emancipation petition for Indiana?


Can children legally live on their own at sixteen?

If they are emancipated, yes.

Do you have to carry medical insurance on an emancipated child in Indiana?

No. Emancipated children have no legal ties to their parents.

How does a person become emancipated when he or she is 18 in Indiana?

Why do you think you need to be emancipated at the age of 18? At 18, you

Can you be sixteen to be emancipated?

i have you couldn't until you are 17 years of age. is that true.

In the state of Louisiana can you get your license at the age of sixteen if your emancipated?

no and you shouldn't drive

What if your sixteen and you're already emancipated and want to get married do you still have to have your parents sign?

if you are emancipated you no longer need parent's permission for anything

What is required to get emancipated at age 16 in Indiana i f a judge allows it?

There is no emancipation status for Indiana.

What is the legal age for a female in Indiana?


In Utah can a minor be emancipated at sixteen and what are the laws regulations and guidelines?

Utah didn

How old do you have to be to get emancipated in the state of Indidana?

The age of majority in Indiana is 18 years old. There is no emancipation statute in Indiana.

Does a sixteen year old have to have permission to be emancipated?

You have to sue your parents in court to gain emancipation.

A girl sixteen with child does she need consent Tobe married in Virginia?

Yes, she is not emancipated.

How can a child become emancipated from their parents by Indiana law?

Indiana has no emancipation statute so the only way is to turn 18.

Can a 17-year-old in Indiana be legally emancipated without abuse or other special circumstances?

There is no Emancipation available in Indiana.

How do you get emancipated in Indiana if you are 21?

{| |- | You are automatically emancipated when you reach the age of 18. There is no specific action that has to be taken. The parents no longer have any responsibility for the child. |}

If your sixteen can you get emancipated in the state of Ohio?

{| |- | No you cannot. Ohio does not have an emancipation statute. You will have to wait until you are 18. |}