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it should be blowing cold air(wish mine did)but really though you might try to adjust the warm air control i think we are on the same page i found out if you turn your control knob all the way counter clock wise to the coldest postition it closes the vent from the outside, the recyle should kick on and not allow outside air to come in even if the controler is turned off

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Q: What do you have to do to your AC if it is blowing cold air?
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Central ac not blowing cold air?

Hire a fix-it guy?

How can you tell if your ac accumulator is bad?

If your ac is making noises or is blowing hot air instead of cold

How cold should the air be blowing out of vents when the AC is running?

55 degrees to 60 degrees

WHY DOES Ac blows cold until car warms up and then it just blows air?

Actually, the AC is always blowing cold air. Its just that sometimes your nerves can't feel it because your body is used to it.

AC fan is blowing cold air out of windshield defrost when not on defrost?

does fan door motorized or on a vaccuum line when you switch from AC to defrost?

What does it mean when your ac stops blowing cold air?

It usually means that your system has developed a leak. Your AC system is charged with freon gas. If a certain amount leaks out, a safety device prevents the AC compressor from starting. Without the compressor, no cold air.

What could cause my 95 GMC Jimmy AC to blow cold air only part of the time and warm air the rest When it's blowing cold it's really cold and but sometimes just stops cold and starts blowing warm.?

This means your Jimmy is pregnant with a Jenny.

If the ac system on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am 31 is charged why is it not blowing cold air?

your blower may be bad. your ac clutch may be bad

2004 Chevy Tahoe not blowing air from AC fuse AC good. thanks?

Is is blowing hot air on the drivers side, or nothing at all? If it is blowing hot air even though you have the thermostat set on cold - it could be the heat actuator. It will occasionally do this after about 75000 miles or so. Mine started at 114000 miles and if you turn it off and turn it back on - it will start blowing cold again...$400 repair. Hope this helps.

Why is your ac in your 2003 rendezvous blowing cool air not cold air?

you may be low on freon and jsut need a good charge of R134a

Why is warm air blowing from one vent closest to the air handler while all the other vents have cold air blowing from my central AC in a FL ranch house?

The electric heating elements are probably turned on.

Why does the AC stop blowing cold air but then works fine after turning AC on and off a few times on a 1999 Express van?

Possible low freon.

Should AC unit be blowing cold air outside?

Yes if it is set to heat indoors but if it isn't than go get it checked out by a qualified AC technician.

How can i tell if my air conditioner in my van went out it's a 1996 town n coutry?

If there is not cold air blowing out then you could go get your ac charged

What will a flash of a 2001 impala ls computer do. i am trying to see if it will reset my air conditioner that is not blowing cold air. system works just no cold air.?

Most AC's that don't blow cold need a recharge - not a computer redo.

Why is your ac in your 98 rodeo not blowing cold air?

Look to see if the compressor is running when the ac is on. If not, then check the Freon pressure, as the compressor won't run if the Freon is low.

Would it work to have an ac in one window and a fan blowing out in another?

Kinda, but it'd be real inefficent and expensive. Think about it: at one end of the room you have the AC making cold air. At the other end you have the fan, blowing that cold air out of the room. Means the AC has to take in new warm air from the outside and cool it. You're better off having a large portion of the air in the room recirculating. That way the AC doesn't have to work that hard.

What are the causes of 2004 Honda civic ac stop blowing cold air?

Refrigerant leak? Blown fuse? Compressor not starting

Why when the air conditioning is blowing the air is not cold?

out of freon

AC in Mr2 1993 non-turbo has stoped blowing cold air and now blows regular air. When I press tha AC button to try to start AC I hear a clicking noise coming from the engine bay. how can I get cold air?

sounds like the a/c clutch is not working. take it to an a/c shop and they can test it for you pretty quickly

Ac on 2003 Mazda tribute not blowing out cold air?

The first thing that you need to check will be the freon level in the system and work your way from there.............

How do you save power while using car AC?

You could open the windows instead of turning on the air conditioning, or make it so that the air is not blowing as much and it not so cold.

Why does my 2001 dodge air conditioning not blow cold?

if its blowing, but not blowing cold its low on coolant. it takes r134a.

Why is your ac wall unit not blowing air?

a long time

You have your ac on 60 and it blowing hao air out why?

Your engine is hot.

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