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You have to at least get a 22 on your ACT I think they will except a 20 but only if you retake the ACT

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Q: What do you have to score on your act to go to otterbien?
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How are the ACT and ACT with Writing different?

The ACT with Writing is exactly the same as the regular ACT, just with an essay administered at the end. This essay is scored but this score DOES NOT go into your ACT Composite score; it is separate.

What ACT score do you need in order to go to Dyersburg State Community College?

I heard that you don'ty need an ACT score, but you just need a SAT Score and it doesn't mattern what it is, as long as you get one.

What is the average act score at usc?

what is the ACT score composite score

What act score is required to go to Oregon university?

The best score you could possibly have to get into Oregon University is a overall average of 0.

What ACT score will get you into Louisiana State University?

A composite ACT score of 22.

What is the ACT score requirement to get into Troy University?

what is the act score for troy?

What score on the ACT do you need to get into UCLA?

The average ACT score for UCLA is a composite of 30

How high act score do you need for a scholarship in Ohio?

to be good in shool and dont go to the ofes

What is the average score of students taking the ACT?

The average national ACT score in 2009 was 21.1.

What is the score range for ACT?

The ACT score range is 0-36, 36 being the best.

What ACT score must you have to be a lawyer?

There is no ACT score you must have to be a lawyer. An ACT score is what is needed to get into most colleges, but students who want to be lawyers need to go to law school. This is something they do after four years at a college or university. When you apply to law school, you take a test called the LSAT. This is required for law school admissions.

What act score and GPA is required to get accepted at the Ohio state university?

just go to their site and check