What do you mix with red to get green?

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UK traffic lights, if you add amber to the red light the next colour you see will be Green.
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What do you get when you mix red and green colours?

If you are using pigments, which are referred to as subtractivecolors, like paint, crayons, etc, then you would get a shade ofbrown. But, if you are using light, which are referred to as additivecolors, like the ones used for TV screens, then you would get thecolor yellow. . When using acrylic p ( Full Answer )

When mixed what colors do red and green make?

Red and green would create either black or brown depending on if the primary colours are all equal. This is because green is the product of yellow and blue, and all the primary colours come together to create black. In terms of light colour, red and green would produce yellow.

What color do you get when you mix red and green?

A weird dirty brown colour. Green and red will make neutral shade of brown differing in tonal range according to the quantities of red and green added. If white is added to a high amount of green and lesser amount of red this will make a brown/grey looking color. It really just depends on what m ( Full Answer )

What do you get when you mix red with green?

Red with green comes out brown. This is because these two colors are complimentary colors and any two complimentary colors mixed together will always become brown.

Can you mix red and green coolants?

yes, but will dilute to the lesser quality of the two,and all color or any antifreeze can be added to other but will not replace it

What do you get when you mix red and green?

Answer Brown or gray depending on if you are using true complementary colors or not. If you mix cadmium red (red-orange) with phthalo green (blue-green) in a ratio of 3 to 1, you will get a dark gray. If you look on the color wheel, you will see that red-orange and blue-green are directly opposite ( Full Answer )

What color does red green and blue make when mixed?

Usually a brown, not quite black. It also tepends on how much you use. Note that green includes both blue and yellow. So more of the compound would be blue than any other colour. This might tint it slightly blue or green. Try it with paint sometime - the outcome is slightly different depending on th ( Full Answer )

What happens when you mix red and green?

Red and Green are complements. When you mix complement they neutralize one another creating a neutral. Depending on the amount of red or green you use it could be any where form a nice chocolate brown to a dirty nasty brown.

How much red and green do you have to mix to get yellow?

It does not matter how much red (a primary colour) and green (a secondary colour) you mix together, you will always get some variation of brown or grey. Yellow is a primary colour, that means you can not mix to get it.. You can't do it. Yellow is a primay color which means that you can't mix colors ( Full Answer )

Can you mix red and green antifreeze?

No. Not as simple as "No.". It doesn't matter what color it is. It matters what base chemical it is. Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol are your 2 choices. Use one or the other. If you have mixed the 2 different base chemical types, you will have to flush the entire system. What you will expect to ( Full Answer )

Why can't you mix red and green antifreeze?

No you can not due to the properties of the two.. Certain "red" antifreezes and "green" antifreeze combine and turn to "mud". Other "red" antifreezes combine with out any problem. You best bet is to not mix colors ever.

What color do you get when you mix red blue green?

When you mix the three primary colors (red, blue, green) you get white. ................................................................................................................. YOU CAN'T GET WHITE!! YOU WILL GET SOMETHING DARK KINDA LIKE DARK BLUE CLOSE TO BLACK!! YOU SHOULD TRY IT IF U GET ( Full Answer )

What color is made when green is mixed with red?

Red is a primary color. Green is a secondary color made by mixing blue and yellow. If you mix red and green, it is the same as mixing all three primary colors (red, yellow, blue). What you get is mud, or various shades of brown.

What color do you get if you mix green ans red?

Im guessing a brown or purple Colour , but i dont know 100% so dont actaully think that is the correct awnser !! Do you know about primary && Secondary Colours??. Serarch google for the best answers !!

Why do you get yellow when mixing red and green light?

When it comes to light, green is a primary color and yellow is the secondary. I cannot explain why this is, but it is how it works (Possibly because it is about transmitting light and not reflecting, but that doesnt explain why red and blue stay the same)

What is the result when you mix green and red?

Depending on the pigments from wich the paint was manufactured and the quality of the paint, the results may vary. Most probably you will obtain a brown hue.

What color do you get when red and green paint is mixed?

Most commonly you will get some variation on brown, however it can look like a dark grey or off-black. When adding shadow to paintings, many artists use the complimentary colour (red in green, purple in yellow, blue in orange) to achieve a dark brown, that comes very close to black, but has more " ( Full Answer )

When you mix red blue and yellow you get green what is wrong?

if you are mixing equal part red, yellow and blue (the three primary colours) you should get a brown. If you have achieved a green from this mixture you are using larger proportions of blue and yellow and a small amount of red will make it more of an olive (or browned) green. To get a true green u ( Full Answer )

What does yellow green and red mixed make?

If you use pure red, green and yellow paint , it will make black. If you use pure red, green and yellow light it will make white. If you use a tint of red, yellow or green, it will make either dark orange, dark purple, or dark green, or a mixture of the three.

What color do you get if you mix red yellow and green?

If you mix paint of those colours, you will get a brown-black mixture. This is because paints work through absorbing certain colours of light, and mixing all three will result in a mixture which absorbs all of the colours and reflects none or very little. If you mix light of those colours, red and ( Full Answer )

What is the resulting color if red and green are mix?

There are to possible answers to this question... If what you are mixing is light (like the TV/Monitors does)... or if what you are mixing pigments (like inks, crayons, etc)... In the case of light, Red Light and Green Light will give you Yellow Light... (for example when you are working with the ( Full Answer )

Do you have to mix any colours to make red green or blue?

Green can bemade by mixing yellow and blue. However, red and blue cannot, because they are primary colors. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they might all be primary colors... Just know that green can be made by mixing blue and yellow. Red and blue cannot be made with anything. (However, if you mix th ( Full Answer )

What colors do you mix with red to make green?

The making of the secondary colour green does not involve the primary colour red. Instead, it involves mixing primary colours blue and yellow together, and to change the shade, adding flecks of the tone colour white (lighter green) and black (darker green).

What if you mixed red and green antifreeze together?

You would get BROWN antifreeze, which would be difficult to seerust colors in. The bright green of antifreeze is designed to warnpeople what it is, because it is harmful or fatal if swallowed.

What effect does mixing red and green coolant in a Dodge Durango?

It depends on the brands of coolant. It may do no more harm than being an ugly color, or it could sludge up and restrict all flow. It depends on the brands of coolant. It may do no more harm than being an ugly color, or it could sludge up and restrict all flow.

What od you get when you mix red and green?

Red is a primary color. Green is a secondary colour resultant of mixing equal parts of the primary colours, Yellow and Blue. When you mix all three of the primary colours together you get some form of brown or in some cases grey.

What is the product of mixing red light and green light?

Yellow light. They make a "tricolor" LED that glows red when DC biased in one direction, green when DC biased in the other direction and yellow when AC biased. There are only two diodes in it - a red and a green. When you AC bias this thing, both diodes glow and...you get yellow!