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What do you mix with red to get green?

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UK traffic lights, if you add amber to the red light the next colour you see will be Green.

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If you mix red and blue and green you will get brown.

If you mix red, green, and yellow you will get a dark green bogey color!

If you mix the colors red and green you'll get the color brown.

You cannot get orange with the colors red and green. To get orange you should mix yellow and red. If you mix red and green you get brown.

If you mix red, green, and blue, you would get a muddy brown.

You mix 33% red, 92% green, and 18% blue.

If you mix red and green paint you get brown.

When you mix red and green using paint, crayons, or colored pencils you get a shade of brown. When you use red and green light however, you get yellow.

If you want a darker brown, mix Green and Red. If you want I lighter brown I would guess that you mix a lighter green with a lighter red.

When you mix red and green together you get brown. Red and green are both primary colors (along with blue).

When you mix red and green you get a kind of brownish color and when you mix it with a little bit of black you make it darker.

try red and grey *** To make green you mix true blue with yellow.

When you mix cadmium red and yellow you will get the sap green color.

it depends on the type of green or red but usually you would put more red

Green is a mixture of blue and yellow, so green and red would make brown.

you mix red, blue, and green!

Mix Blue + Yellow + a little Red or Black = Grey Green

White, because cyan is a mixture of blue and green light, so if you mix red with the blue and green light, you get white.

When you mix a primary (in this case red) with the complimentary secondary colour (in this case green) you will get a brown or dark grey of some sort.

Red and Green are complements. When you mix complement they neutralize one another creating a neutral. Depending on the amount of red or green you use it could be any where form a nice chocolate brown to a dirty nasty brown.

red, green and a little bit of black

You get a light brownish colour.

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