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Big Nate island - use it in the deletion room.

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How do you get to the file cabinet in Big Nate Poptropica and seriously I have the blueprints but the teacher won't let me to the file cabinets?

Make a stink bomb in the science lab. Then, chew your gum right outside of the detention room. The teacher will take you to the detention room. Let off the stink bomb, and the teacher will leave.

Poptropica big nate how do you open the cabnet?

chew your gum in the school from the guy in the comic shop then you will get in detenceoin then let off your stink bomb then click in it and it should open

How do you re-get the stink bomb on Big Nate Island?

The game will not let you waste the stink bomb, as the only place you can use it is in detention. Once you "use" the stink bomb, it stays right there in detention. You don't need another one. You can leave, get the blueprints, and come back. (Without the blueprint from Nate's locker, you cannot enter the secret room.) (see related questions)

What do you do with the bubble gum on poptropica?

you go into the classroom go into items and click use 4 the bubble gum then the teacher will smell it you let off the stink bomb and u can go in and out anytime P.S im only 7

How do you get into the secret room in Big Nate in Poptropica?

You have to get the bubble gum,and get the stink bomb from the science class (just mix on full bast heat until you get a green liquid).After that you go in the school and chew it the teacher will bring you to the detention room...you let off the stink bomb, she'll go away. You walk over to the file cabinet and open the second drawer on it, there you have it a secret room!

How do you use the stink bomb in big nate poptropica?

Take the stink bomb to the school chew some gum get caught go in detention click on the stink bomb and let it sit on the floor go down the filing cabinet to your right get the bell thing shine the light on the light house at the [there is no way to get past it otherwise] put the bell thing on the top the girls will move put a peanut butter cracker were they were standing spitsy will dig there and the time capsule get big nate island medalion.

What do you do when you get all the comics from big nate island?

owl person you go to the man he will give you the cover then you'll get bubble gum you make a stink bomb then blow the bubble gum in the school you'll get in trouble then let the stink bomb go the teacher well live then ............................

How do you get past Mrs. Godfrey in detention on Big Nate Island?

Mrs. Godfrey will not let you reach the filing cabinet. You will need something to get her to move. A stink bomb should work. (see related questions)

Are there any insect traps available for stink bugs?

I know this probably isn't a good answer for you. But my grandmother has a problem with stink bugs in her house, and she takes empty water bottles and catches the stink bugs in them. Although you might want to limit one stink bug per bottle because reopening the bottle can let the stink out. They aren't harmful, they just stink, and may occasionally dive bomb you. (:

How do you get to the secret room from the detention room on Poptropica?

You have to first find all the pieces of the Big Nate Comic.Then go to the jammed locker and put in the combination.On the ground is a pile of papers.Click it and you will find a blueprint of the school.Then chew the gum in your items (which will be given to you by the guy at the comic shop for completeing the comic) and get into detention.then let off the stink bomb,and after the teacher walks out,walk to the green cabinet and click it. (you make the stink bomb in the science lab by combining the blue and yellow liquid)

Where is the bellringer on big nate island?

its in the secret room but you've got to make a stink bomb get the gum and nates blue print then you use the gun get in detentoin then let off the stink bomb click on the file cabnets go out of detentoin go upstairs click were the broken speaker is the get any thing you can

Should you wash your butt in the shower?

no let it stink. ppl don't need 2 judge

How do you get into the cage in Poptropica?

use the cherry bomb to blow up the cage to let the agent out. be quick. and wach out for the flesh eating plants.

How do you get bell clapper in big nate island on poptropica?

to get the bell clapper you need to help the guy find all his comics.after you find all the comics youll get bubble gum go to the school and blow bubble gum the person that will appear is mrs.godfrey she will let you go to detention get your stink bomb and put it on the floor mrs.godfrey will go outside then go to the file cabinet turn on the lights and find the bell clapper

If you use the stink bomb in the park and can't make another what can you do on Big Nate Island?

There is *no way* to use the stink bomb anywhere but the Detention Room.If it is no longer in your item bag, there is no way to make another one. So your only recourse would be to restart the island. (Click the small map at upper right and then the blue button.) But actually, the game on Big Nate island is specifically written to not let you use the stink bomb in the wrong place. (Your character says "I don't want to waste it here.") It would have to be a glitch that deleted it.

Why are stink bugs called stink bugs?

They are called stink bugs because of the odorous secretion it excretes when it feels threatened

Do cherries stink?

Cherries usually have a sweet smelling aroma. But yes, they stink if you let them rot , like most foods.

can cosmic stink bombs kill?

only if YOU let them-tip {sic} keep your head above them

How are stink bugs poisonious?

stink bugs are rarelypoisonous some that have a disease are but no stink bugs are poisonous so that's all

What is a fact about a stink bug?

Stink bugs eat fruit and vegetables. I have one as a pet. also they call stink bugs stink bugs because whenever they get disturbed or scared they let out a really nasty odor

How do you get into the secret room in the school on poptropica?

First you go find all the puzzle pieces and the comic shop guy will give you stale gum(its safe too eat, it wont harm your poptropican) Go into the science lab and make a stink bomb 1.)click on the test tubes 2.) mix yellow and blue to make green fill it up till a nice amount appears 3.)turn burner on too 6(full blast) go out in to the main school hallway chew stale gum you will go too detention let the stink bomb go go into the fileing cabnet..................................................... tada your their!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which hispanic dictator let the Nazis bomb one of his cities?

Francisco Franco, dictator of Spain let the Nazis bomb Guernica.

Why doesn't grandma Heffley let you get in her apartment in poptropica?

because you dont need to go in there to complete the island. dont freak.

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