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Q: What do you need to install a carburetor?
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How do you change a motor from tbi to carburation?

you will need to replace the intake with an intake for a carburetor,install carburetor and replace the distributor with one which has a vacuum advance(a late 70's 305 or 350 will work well). you will also have to install an electric fuel pump for a carburetor (lower pressure than the fuel injecton). remove the relay powering the pump in the tank if the whole wiring harness is not removed.

Where can you get an outomatic choke for small engines?

An automatic choke is connected to the carburetor on small engines. To get a new automatic choke, a new carburetor will need to be purchased. It is easier to install a manual choke and less costly. Kits for this are sold at most automotive repair stores.

How Hydrogen gas be installed in carburetor?

I need the information where to connect the Hydrogen Gas to the carburetor on what side

How do you install the fuel float on a 92 Chevy Cavalier?

The carburetor will have to be taken apart to install a new fuel float. After the top is off, the float sits in the bowl resting on a rod. Pick it straight up, remove the needle and install it on the new float. Put the carburetor back together with new gaskets.

Do lawnmower carburetor gaskets need adhesive?


How do you install carburetor on 1974 Dodge Dart?

first install new carb gasket to intake manifold and then 4 nuts hold the carb to the intake studs and then install the throttle linkage to the carb.

How do you install a performance carburetor on a pocket bike?

have a look at this site:

How do you install fuel injector on 1967 Chevy Chevelle?

67 chevelle's never had fuel injectors, they had a carburetor.

Where is carburetor found in car?

The carburetor is normally found just above the engine, it controls the petrol and air mix prior to combustion. Fuel injected and diesel engines do not need a carburetor.

Why are your spark plugs wet with gas?

This is typically caused by a stuck or faulty float valve in the carburetor. Usually a good carburetor cleaning will take care of it. At the worst you will need to replace the carburetor.

Nissan Carburetor?

form_title= Nissan Carburetor form_header= Replace your Nissan carburetor with help from experts. When was the last time your oil was changed?*= _ [50] Do you need a new or used carburetor?*= () New () Used Have you noticed any problems with your Nissan?*= () Yes () No

Why is your carburetor back firing on your 1978 American clipper rv?

Could be in need of a tune up and/or a carburetor rebuild (accelerator pump failure).

How do you install fuel line 400 rancher ATV Honda?

Plug one end to the Petcock and the other end to the Carburetor......

Need to see Pictures of carburetor parts to see what is all needed to build one.?

You can find pictures of carburetor parts at your local library. Many auto-parts stores can copy pictures of carburetor parts.

Why is gas getting into spark plug on toro riding tractor?

This is typically caused by a stuck or faulty float valve in the carburetor. Usually a good carburetor cleaning will take care of it. At the worst you will need to replace the carburetor.

If you need to swap the US carburetor on a 1983 Civic 1.5L for a UK carb do you need to swap other components too such as the intake?

No, and you don't need to swap carburetors either. The carburetor may need readjusting for the elevation of whatever country you are moving too, but you do not need to swap it out.

What tools do you need to remove and install the automatic transmission in an 86 Honda Civic 4 door sedan with carburetor?

metric sockets and wrenches and jackstands it will come out the bottom of the car,you also need a jack to support the takes about 3-4 hours to swap.

Why is the carburetor not getting enough gas 1998 SUV Chevy?

First of all it does not have a carburetor. It is fuel injected. You need to check the fuel pressure with a gauge.

What size of carburetor do you need for 91 Chevy Cheyenne full size pickup?

That truck doesn't have a carburetor. It has a throttle body fuel injection system.

If flames are coming out of the carburetor which way do you need to turn the distributor?


Why is the antifreeze not going to the engine?

it could mean you need a new carburetor

I have a 87 s 10 and i need the diagram for the carburetor hoses?

Not sure what engine you have but it probably has TBI (throttle body injection) not a carburetor. I think the last year for the carburetor was 1985. Give us more info on the engine.

Is it necessary to soak a carburetor in gasoline before installing it in a 1981 Toyota Corolla?

No. The carburetor will fill and function normally if you install it dry. You may want to use a little starting fluid to help it start a little sooner and put a little less strain on the starter, but otherwise, if it's put together right the carburetor doesn't need to be soaked to make the engine run. Even if it's put together wrong, soaking it won't help.

What years can you convert to a carb on a chevy small block?

ANY year that has a carburetor intake manifold available to install on the block/heads.

Where is carburetor on a Mazda 6?

It is Fuel Injected and does not have a carburetor.It is Fuel Injected and does not have a carburetor.