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What do you need to know about Abraham Lincoln for a summary?

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Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the U.S he aimed to abolish slavery. He wrote the Emancipation Proclaimation, that restored peace and union control amidst the civil war it also granted freedom to many slaves.

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What is Abraham Lincoln succeeded by?

Assuming you need to know who became president after Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson was Lincoln's Vice President. When Lincoln was killed, Johnson took over.

Did Abraham Lincoln had the chance to be a US president?

You need to study. Lincoln WAS a US President.

What was Abraham Lincoln phone number?

No telephones. No need for a telephone number.

I need informatoin about Abraham Lincoln?

Go to this website

What did Abraham Lincoln need in life?

he needed the country to stop fighting and slavery to be over

How long were Abraham Lincoln an his wife married for?

22 years Any other information you would need about Abraham Lincoln and his wife's marriage meeting or anything else can be found at the website below.

Was Lincoln a slave owner?

Abraham Lincoln was never a slave owner. He was lawyer and had no need for slave assistance. He was against slavery anyway.

Who did not want Abraham Lincoln to as president?

i did want him, he has all the things that presedents need to do but dont do ,not lie

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What choices did Abraham Lincoln need to make about Fort Sumter?

Abraham Lincoln had to make the choice between sending need supplies to the union fort or let the Confederacy take control of the fort. In the long run Lincoln to notify the southern leaders and send supplies, but the Confederacy still attacked the fort. Thus starting the Civil War.

What was Abraham Lincoln provisions of plan?

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Who helped Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War?

General U S Grant ("I need him, because he wins battles", as Lincoln said after he had worked though a variety of generals).

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Why won't WikiAnswers let me ask a question?

If, after you type in a question, you are taken to a page as if you had just searched for it on Google or some other search engine, you didn't put your answer in the form of a question. For example, "Everything known about Abraham Lincoln" will take you to a search page. So will "Everything known about Abraham Lincoln?" You need to put it as "What is everything known about Abraham Lincoln?" If you did put it in question form, you shouldn't have a problem.

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What college did Abraham Lincoln attend?

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Where is the electric motor located on a Lincoln?

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What college did Abraham Lincoln go to and where was it?

Abraham Lincoln did not attend college. His step mother taught him to read, and his father didn't see any need for him to go to school. He was a tall strong boy who was sent to work for the surrounding farms. It was legal for his father to collect and keep his earnings until he was 21.

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Abraham Lincoln went to what university?

Please give me an to whether or not Abraham Lincoln attended university, and his educational background. I am in the 6th grade in Korea, and I need to make a presentation out of them, all about Lincon, and I need to find out about his educational background. Please, send me the source too, as I need to include that in. Thank You whoever is ing. Abraham Lincoln did not attend college. He taught himself & became a lawyer in 1836. I got the info from Google, a search engine. I'm not quite sure you have Google in Korea though I'm fairly certain you do. If so, type "President Araham Lincoln college attended" & you will get the source. Below, I've included a link to Google to make it quicker to access. Sorry if you are unable to get the source.

Why didn't Abraham Lincoln stop slavery?

Like most Northerners, Lincoln was not passionately anti-slavery, and in the run-up to the war, he would need the support of those slave-states that had voted against joining the Confederacy.

What you need to know about Abraham Lincoln for an essay?

If you are not supposed to be writing on a specific Lincoln related topic, it would be best to break it down to major points of his life.childhood and early influenceseducationmarriage, family, and relationshipsentry into politicsmajor pre presidency accomplishmentselectionachievements and failures as presidentassassination and aftermath

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