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Round sticks of glue, semi transparent, slightly bigger around than a pencil and about 5 inches long.

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Q: What do you put in a hot glue gun?
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How do you make hot glue from a hot glue?

You put it in a hot glue gun.

Can you use a solder gun as a hot glue gun?

No, you cannot use a solder gun as a hot glue gun.No, you cannot use a solder gun as a hot glue gun.

Do you need a hot glue gun to melt hot glue sticks?

Yes, you do need a hot glue gun, it's the only safe way.

What happens when you put a hot glue gun glue on your leg?

It hurts like hell and it will burn your leg pretty bad.

Can a hot glue gun melt pencils?

A hot glue gun can not melt a pencil cause a pencil is wood!

What kind of glue can i use to put rhinestones on real flowers?

Probably superglue, because a hot glue gun will probably make a hole.

What is hot embossing process sequence?

Hot embossing involves the use of special glue, powder, and a heat gun. A special glue is put on an object in a pattern. It could be letters or a shape. Then the embossing powder is put on and the excess part that does not stick to the glue is shaken off. A heat gun is then used to melt the powder.

How do you make a homemade cookie jar?

here is what you will need...a jar,some decorations, a hot glue gun, and cookies (of course)take your decorations and use the hot glue gun to put them on once you have let them dry take the cookies and put them inits as simple as that~levi ;)

Can you make a flamethrower from a hot glue gun?

You could use the gun as a nozzle but nothing about its use as a hot glue gun would be useful in the role of flamethrower.

What dissolves glue from a hot glue gun?

Turn the glue gun on to loosen the glue, then, if the glue is persistent, use a wooden stick to CAREFULLY pick the glue off.

Why is a hot glue gun hot?

A hot glue gun is hot. Of course. Cold glue is too runny and hardly does the job. Robert Brooklyns found out that by heat and glue, it makes whatever stick better to whatever than cold glue. Now you know!no one is supposed to be hot and that is it!

Does the glue in a hot glue gun contain latex?

No, it does not contain latex