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What do you put on a deep cut?


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That really depends on how deep it is. Is it bleeding? It is especially red, have a bad odor, or lots of drainage? When in doubt, see your doctor. Meanwhile, you want to keep it clean and moist. Wash is with soap and water. If you have access to saline solution, use that. Otherwise, you can mix a little table salt in some warm water. Rinse the would with the warm salt water. You can use an antibiotic ointment like neosporin. If you dont have that, you can use some petroleum jelly, or vaseline. Dont use much, just a thin layer over the wound. It is best to use a non-stick dressing, but you can use plain gauze. Just remember to keep it clean, moist, and covered. Hope this helps!


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If your bulldog has an open cut, then peroxide and Neosporin will do the trick.

You are never to put hydrogen peroxide on a deep cut or wound, as it could possibly damage tissue and cause loss of sensation.

Operation Deep Cut happened in 1941.

You can put a band aid on anything but you don't want to leave it on there for a long time so that way the air can hit and you can let it heal.

A paper cut is most likely superficial. I am not aware of anyone who ever got a deep paper cut.

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depending on how deep the cut is, take them to the vetenarian

Depends exactly on how deep you cut it. If the case is, you don't cut it particularly deep, you will just bleed.. and be just fine. (with proper cleaning, and bandaging.) Be careful not to cut an artery, you could die.

What can you call a deep cut or wound on the body

get a q-tip and wet it and then rub it around in the nosehole that has a kut. If the cut is inside then put some cream on it. On the outside put cream and a bandaid. Wipe off any blood first. For a very deep wound call a doctor.

You put bandages and ice on a cut but put on anisyeptic as well such as polysporin

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For the record I am not a doctor; however, I do believe that a superficial cut is considered a surface cut meaning a minor cut not serious. For instance, a cut on your finger from a knife that is not deep without any veins, tendons, or bone cut is a superficial cut. A superficial cut is a non emergency cut one that is close to the surface of the skin. Save

as long as its not a deep cut your body will just heal the same as a cut on your finger would.

you shouldn't cut your thigh in the first place

It depends on how deep and bad the cut it is the cut has to penetrate skin and if it is bleeding alot and a bandaid wont help at all or anything like that then it will need stitches

If it is real deep yes, if not no. Put some triple antibiotic oitment on it and put some gauze over it then wrap in in a bandage.

The opposite of deep is superficial. A small paper cut is superficial.

Clean the wound with soap and water. Put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. If the cut is very deep or long you may need to see a doctor and get stitched to close the wound.

Pour iodine in it and bandage it.

it all depends on who it is

arroyo - deep gully cut by an intermittent stream.

If the cat has a small cut then bathe it and leave it, but if it is small and deep take it to the vets immediately.

In its most common sense, a gash is a deep cut.

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