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I love you

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Q: What do you say on a card that you give to your boyfriend for valentines day?
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Should you give your boyfriend something on valentines day?

Yes, it is sweet to give your boyfriend a valentine.

What should you give to your crush on Valentine's Day?

A special valentines day card that explains how you feel.

What does it mean if your boyfriend doesn't give you a Valentines Day gift?

He doesn't celebrate nonsensical holidays

What should you message your boyfriend on valentines?

Happy Valentines Day! <3

What can you give your 18-year-old boyfriend for Valentines day?

you can give them a photo album of the times you hang out together or a kiss.

What to say to a boyfriend's mother on a Mother's Day card?

If you give your boyfriend's mother a Mother's Day card, you can simply say "Happy Mother's Day."

What do you give a boy for valentines day if he doesn't no you like him?

That's a hard Q but I would give him a card of something or CHOCOLATES

How do you tell a boy do you want to go out with me?

Valentines Day is coming up so give him a funny card with a note.

Do you get your boyfriend a Valentine's Day present?

its valentines day , you really like or love the guy, so why not get a gift that will show how much you care about him. candy or a card is something sweet (;

What is something romantic you can get your teenage boyfriend for Valentines Day?

A videogame

Why do you give valentines card on Valentines' Day?

Because that is part of the holiday. It's just like giving someone a four leafed clover on St. Patrick's day, or Presents on Christmas. It's just the way it is.

How do you give a boy a Valentine's Day card?

all you have to do if you want to give a boy a valentines card is just walk up to him and just give it to him he will apperciate it more if you give it to him than giving it to one of your friend to give it to him......but if you really like the guy then on the card say if you can be more than friends then he'll probalby walk up to you on the same day you gave him the card.......thats how i met my wonderfull boyfriend 13 and hes 12 it dosent matter to me the age all it matters is how they treat you

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