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Hey! how are you doing? Then you could ask how she/he knows your friend, what are their hobbies, whats their favourite subject they study at school, where are they from, or you could answer any questions they have about you?

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How do you find out you're your own best friend?

If you have no good friends that you can honestly say is your best friend.

What do you do when someone tells one of your best friends friends that you talked about and your best friend gets mad at you?

say to ur friend who do you trust? me your best friend or her? you know i wouldn't talk about you.

What to do when your best friend makes friends with someone else to get rid of you?

You say "Best friend" but, if they were your best friend they wouldn't do this to you. I would try & move on, make new friends then see what happens.

How do you say best friends in japanese?

Shinyuu [親友] means close friend or best friend.

Can you have two best friends?

when talking to a good friend do you say "You are my best friend", or "You are my best friends". If you only have one than no you cant have two, but if you have two you need to have more...

Best friends with benefits?

We should not think for benefits from best friend. If he/she is our true best friend then they will help us before we say....

In order of the phoenix released in 2007 who is harry best friend?

Harry has many friends Ron is his best friend, though It doesn't say who is his best friend really is.

What is another way to say BFF?

Bff <3 - Best Friends Forever - BstFwnd4Evz -Bf (Best Friend Not Boy Friend) -Best Friends -Besties -Best Besties -Biffles/Bifflez! -Ftte (Friends Til The End) -Smilies :):):)

What do you do if the best friend of the girl you like asks you out?

say sorry im interested in ur friend but can we be friends

Do you have real truth friends?

Yes I do. I have my husband, who is my best friend, and I have one other true friend. That's the best thing about them. They say that if you can count your friends on one hand that you are blessed.

What if your best friends ex boyfriend asks you out?

Ask your best friend first if you're interested. Say no if you're not and tell your best friend anyway.

What should your best friend do to make you want to be friends with them if you're in a fight?

you should just say very good about the person to your best best friend

What do you do when your best friends boyfriend kisses you?

say to him that you love your best friend and you cant do, that to them, then you explain the whole situation to your friend and say you didn't want it he kissed you and hope she understands!

What is something nice to say to a best friend?

If friends were flowers, I'd pick you!

How do you impose yourself as girls best male friend not boyfriend?

say were aquantances. it means friends. not girlfriend friend :)

Why does girls what you to say your their best friend?

I say that a lot, to my guy friends and with me its either a joke or they they really are one of my best friends. Most of the time it means nothing and we're just joking.

Is Jaden Smith best friends with Justin Bieber?

I wouldn't say Justin Bieber is Jaden Smith's best friend but they are very good friends.

What should you do if your best friend asks you out?

if you dont like him just say you want to be friends, if you do like him (or her) then say yes

How can you tell if your friend likes you more?

Well they would be kind more but friends will probely become more then friends not like love like bestest friends well if your having problems with it just go up to them and say do you see me more than a friend i mean like a best friend and if they say yes you will not have gone thourgh lots of trouble and if they say no it not the end of the world just be friends and try and make her more than a best friend.

Why do people say your their best friend when they rarely talk to you?

This happens to me a lot. They say you are their best friend because they feel they can trust you and you will always be there for them. However, they have no intention of ever becoming close friends or hearing what you have to say. Keep in mind that just because you are they best friend they have they might not be yours.

You love your best friends brother but were friends how do you tell him?

just be honest with your feelings or tell your friend first and hear what she has to say

Should my friend be a close friend of best friend?

I don't see why not. Let friends be friends. I let my friends be friends with my enemies.

How do you say best friends in dutch?

Best friends (when reffered to being each others most important friend) is translated as: "Beste vrienden" Best friends (when reffered to as being good friends) is translated as: "Goede vrienden"

Do you ever have to have best friends?

You don't have to have any best friends. If you want best friends, then you will have to earn them by being a good freind. Then they'll upgrade from a friend to a best friend.

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