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You synthesise a Behemoth slime and a behemoth slime (found on the she slime and slime uncharted island)

Or you can synthesize 4 slimes together.

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Q: What do you synthesize to get a king slime on DQM joker?
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What montsers do you synthesize to get a metal dragon in dqm joker?

fuse a green dragon with a metal slime

How get a bone barron on DQM joker?

You can get one by synthesizing a grim rider + dark slime knight

How do you get a grandpa slime dqm?

King Slime + Metal King Slime & King Bubble Slime + Metal Kaiser Slime. NOTE: Grandpa Slime is pretty hard!

How do you get a Beetlebully on dqm?

metal king slime and beetleboy

How do you get the monster Wight king in dqm?

tortured soul and king slime

Where are wild slimes in dqm joker?

srry wrong answer now u get it sintetizing a snail slime and a fencing fox or a snail slime and a platypunk

How do you get Dr. snap on DQM joker?

You do a quadruple synthesise (captian crow + Darkonium slime)+(Orgodemir + Rhapthorne 2)

What islands is the slime uncharted island between in DQM Joker?

It is usually in between DQ Headquarters and infant isle

How do you synthesize a boss troll in dqm joker?

Gigantes+Buffalogre I used them for ++ attack mine had 100 at lvl 1 =D

How do you make a Pikachu in dqm joker?

sadly you can't you can i Pokemon not DQM Joker 8(

What monster can you make with a zoma in dqm?

Malroth + White King (Tortured Soul + King Slime) or Bone Baron (Grim Rider + Dark Slime Knight)

How do you get a drakulard in dqm?

To synthesize a Drakulard, you synthesize a Drakularge and an Atlas.The thing is, those monsters aren't easy ones to get your hands on. Unless you are willing to put that much time and effort into it. To get an Atlas, you simply synthesize it with a Gigantes(silverpithecus+Drakularge) and a Moosifier. To get a Drakularge, you synthesize it with an Arch-demon and frou-frou. Or you can synthesize it with a King Cure-slime(King Slime+King Slime) and a komono, I think. Or you can scout TWO(you need two to make this whole synthesize course.) frou-frous. You can also scout the Gigantes on Infant Island. Now back to the Moosifier. You get a buffaglore and a pan piper. Please look up somewhere else to find out how to get the last two monsters. Thank you for reading this, I hope it helped.