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no it is not i know most people think it is but it is not polluted at all.

well,i think waterways are polluted cause we use them too much.

Environmental management can be so important because our environment gives a part of what we are whether our culture are dirty people or clean, it is also nice to live in a nice,clean place which is not polluted. It is also important to get people live in that place if a certain city, country is polluted no one will think of living there and visitors will have a negative point of view on that place.

Think about it. If you dump motor oil in the water, you polluted it. If you take a "dump" while sitting on the toilet, you polluted the water. The list of ways goes on and on.

I think that if a city's population is really high then it is more likely to be polluted. Hope this helped :)

i don't think the wolds most polluted river is in India indeed. i feel thames river is more polluted than th ganges. i was browsing through th internet n saw this river in Indonesia called the citarum. i think its most polluted the Congo

i think since victorian times cos they used to throw their waste in it, im sure they tryed to clean it since then but ... its still a little poluted

I think lakes are marine because lakes can be nasty and drity or clean and drinkable.

Sulfur? As in lemons that contain sulfur? I think they help to rejuvenate your skin and clean out bacteria on your skin too.

Time is money. Effective time management is a must in todays competetive world. By performing the basic functions of management, a business is bound to flourish. There are lot of advantages of effective time management.

I think the river Amozon is polluted because people put trash in the river because people can't be bothered to put it in the bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Medieval times the wells were sometimes polluted because the ground was full of dirt and some people or babies spit in it and think it was a garbage can

I am afraid I do not know but I don't think it is polluted any more. I do know actually. It's polluted because of all the factories putting their chemicals and horrible stuff into the river and the ferries which sail across cause pollution too

I think the person who wrote this question inhaled a lot of polluted air.

Mechanical Pollution is a parts from a car, motorcycle etc and polluted ! ( i think )

I, personally, don't think so. It depends on the extent of pollution, I guess, but if a country wants to host the Olympics, it should clean up its act. Otherwise, it could be hazardous to the athletes' performance and health.

Mmm I would say Britain is more pulluted because of it's high urban population. However Athens as an exception is exceedingly polluted, but London is polluted 2. I think both Cities have improved vastly though. But because Greece is much more rural, I would say it is less polluted.

i think he was more effective as a Hammurabi because he was the law

I think its Iceland they use volcanoes to create energy

I cannot say which is the least polluted country in Europe, but i would think that it would be a small country such as Vatican City and Andorra or Sweden as they use mostly hydro/wind power, this is because they think 'fossil fuels' are unsafe.

I think that the Amazon River is polluted ONLY because people just throw away things that they don't need or what they don't want to keep, they throw away trash!

we wont use cars because then we will need to use gas & gas pollutes the air . & in space we will have a clean world [that is not polluted] !we will need to think of another way to get around like maybe flying cars or something of that sort