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My community is both ethnically and religiously diverse, but is also remarkably peaceful. It is hard to imagine how this could be improved.

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Q: What do you think you can do to help maintain peace in your own community?
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How can you maintain the peace and order to your community?

One way you can help maintain the peace and order in your community is by being respectful to everyone in your community. Being polite, reaching out to people in friendship, and being tolerant of others are other ways to help maintain peace in your community.

Role of community in criminal justice system?

The role of the community in criminal justice system is to become the primary responder to crime. This is to help maintain the peace and order situation of the community.

Why do Ghana cooperates with other nations?

to maintain international peace and friendship

How do you maintain cleanliness of our community?

We can help maintain cleanliness in our community by cleaning the enviroment and recycling the materials that we can use

How did president Wilson think the league of nations would help maintain world peace?

President Wilson thought that the League of Nations would maintain peace by way of unity. This would be accomplished by making the world powers be in agreement on international issues.

What tools does the United Nations have at their disposal to help maintain world peace?

The United Nations have several different tools to help maintain world peace. Specifically, they have access to armies and can engage in diplomacy with world leaders.

How do proverbs help in promoting peace and order in a community?

by showing in our lives

How can you as a community help your children in school?

i think it does help u because most children are part of the community

The organization formed after World War 1 to maintain a lasting peace was?

The League of Nations was formed after WW1 (1919) to settle international disputes peacefully, to help prevent future wars and maintain lasting peace.

How did the location of tenochtitlan help the Aztec maintain their empire?

i think

What is the role of community in the CJS?

The community is the 5th pilar of criminal justice system, the rule of the community as a pilar are to help the law inforcement by giving information to maintain the prevention of crime.

Maintaining peace harmony and equity in nature?

You can help maintain peace, harmony, and equity in nature by not polluting the environment. This includes deforestation and destroying animal habitats.

How did president Wilson think that the league of nations would help maintain world peace?

Wilson's final point, the one he considered most important, concerned the creation of a general association of nations.

How can you celebrate United Nations day?

well you can trow parties or help the community. You can also help each other and help your block by promoting peace. :)

What organization was created after World War 2 to maintain peace and help people around the world?

The United Nations.

Is the United Nations still in Rwanda and why?

The United Nations still has a small presence in Rwanda to help maintain the peace.

What is the name of a program that sends you to different parts of the world to help out and offer community service?

the peace corps.

What is means by the term community health?

Maybe to help foster a healthy environment so the community [the residents,people] can maintain a stable health antoinette acosta

Who does the mayor in Texas cities represent?

i think he was represented to help the community

How did Bismarck's system of alliances help maintain peace?

Bismarck's solution was to devise a complex system of alliances to maintain peace throughout Europe, making it mutually beneficial to all of the great powers and therefore protect his newly unified Germany allowing it to strengthen.

How did Persian troops help establish and maintain the Persian empire?

First by conquest, then by maintaining peace internally and providing protection externaliy.

What did the community think of captain thunderbolt?

The community thought Captain Thunderbolt was a hero because....... (Help Me Find A Site PLZ

Do you think that first responders benefit the community?

Yes i think they do benefit the community because... First Responders are there to help some one during any kind of an emergency.

Does tinfoil help maintain heat?

yes it does help to maintain heat

How does his fur help the fox maintain homeostasis?

it can maintain to help survive