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What do you torque an exhaust manifold to on a 2002 Ford Escort?


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2004-09-10 09:50:51
2004-09-10 09:50:51

32 foot pounds. Check them after it has been run.


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Exhaust pipe to manifold nuts, 15 to 22 ft-lbs.

exhaust manifold is where exhaust pipe hooks to engine!

what are the torque specifications for 2002 ford 4.0 intake manifold

Heads ---------------- 65 ft/lbs Intake Manifold ---- 30 ft/lbs Exhaust Manifold -- 25 ft/lbs

It has 2 ho2s sensors. One is upstream from the catylitic converter between the exhaust manifold and the cat. The other is downstream from the converter between in and the exhaust pipe going to the muffler.

\'02 Ventures use M8X1.25X98.5 exhaust manifold studs.

The 2002 Ford escape exhaust manifold will cost approximately $550 to replace. The manifold will cost $300. The labor cost will consist of approximately 4 hours of labor.

EGR is located in exhaust manifold.

start at the exhaust manifold and follow the pipe or if it has dual exhaust follow both, you will see it.

Exhaust manifold or exhaust pipes. May be one behind the catalytic converter.

There are Two. One is on or close to the exhaust manifold and the other is after the Catalytic Converter on the exhaust pipe.

Passenger side exhaust pipe directly after the exhaust manifold.

It is on the back of the engine, Under the exhaust manifold.

It screws into the top of the rear exhaust manifold.

On the back of the engine.On the back of the engine.

There are two of them. First one is in the exhaust manifold. Second one is in the exhaust pipe just under the passenger seat.

The upstream O2 sensor is located in the exaust manifold which is bolted to the front of the engine.

They are always on exhaust manifold/pipes fore and aft convertor.

V10 Left side exhaust manifold studs rusted away causing exhaust leak, 2002, 25,000 miles in motorhome.

To replace it remove the battery terminal so you will not have power. Loosen the bolts (use liquid wrench or wd40 for this will be rusty) exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold (driver side) and then you need to loosen the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold to the part where it connect exhaust pipe from the other side of the exhaust manifold (passenger side) and then you need to loosen the electrical wire from the starter and then loosen the bolts that connect the starter now you can wiggle the starter to pull it out you need to try to figure out how to get it through the loosen exhaust pipe ( but it should come out)

There is no torque spec for the air filter --it sits in its housing which snaps open and closed.The intake manifold torque specs are 89 inch pounds (7.5 ft.lbs.), that is for both the upper and lower intake.

If it is running loudly then there is an exhaust leak either at exhaust manifold or some where else in the exhaust pipes. Bad exhaust muffler could also cause this. Hope this helps.

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