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My son is 6 years old and I want to know which specialist should I see to make sure he has or hasn't any brain damage. He actually doesn't speak much.

You should take your son to his pediatrician and insist on being referred to a neurologist for testing. If brain damage is suspected, your son should be seen as soon as possible.

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Q: What doctor diagnoses brain damage?
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Can ipods damage your brain?

yes makes you mental and causes brain damage im a doctor. IT KEEPS U UP AT NIGHT

What kind of doctor treats nerve damage?

Its an orthopedic surgeon. A doctor who treats the brain however is a neurosurgen.

What are the signs and symptoms of severe brain damage?

Only a doctor can say how much brain damage there is in a person. Severe brain damaged people can not stand on their own, can not eat on their own, can not speak, can not walk on their own and can barely sit up at all. Basically they are a vegetable. There are many stages of brain damage and only a doctor can tell you about it through an MRI or an EEG.

Can falling and bumping your forehead on the bathtub cause brain damage?

Any blow to the head may cause brain damage. If you are worried, it is good to go and see a doctor.

What do you call a person who diagnoses ailment?

Medical Doctor

Can the loss of sense of smell be a sign of brain damage?

The loss of ANY sense "could" be a sign of brain damage. But it, certainly, doesn't mean that there IS brain damage. A doctor is, most definitely, suggested at the first sign of a loss of any of your senses!

Can a skull fracture heal itself?

No, it should be looked at by a Doctor for a concussion, or brain damage!

Who is someone who diagnoses and treats damaged hearing?

ENT Doctor

What type of doctor diagnoses tumors?

An 'Oncologist' specializes in tumours.

How do you find out if you have dyslexia?

Go to a doctor, see if he diagnoses you with dyslexia.

Can nerve damage lead to brain damage?

Nerve damage can lead to brain damage if they emerge directly from the brain.

What is the difference between brain injury and brain damage?

The difference is that one can have a brain injury and not have brain damage. Essentially, brain damage is caused by injury or trauma to the brain. However, not every injury to the brain will cause brain damage.

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