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Q: What document gave control of trade and printing money to the original 13 colonies?
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Which historical document gave control of trade and printing money to the original thirteen states?

Articles of Confederation

What document stated that the colonies were free of british control?

declaration of independace

Did Britain own the 13 original colonies in 1776?

Various private organizations had the initial control of the colonies. Each of those colonies was granted its charter by the British Crown. In some cases the British had 'taken over' colonies from the Dutch.

The American revolution led to the overthrow of british control over thirteen original colonies?

social change

The new nation sought to expand its borders by establishing control over what land?

the land west of the original 13 colonies.

What countries did the United Kingdom control through history?

Around 50 countries plus the original 13 American colonies.

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Did Britain have control of land east of the Appalachian mountains?

East of the mts. would be yes, those would be the Original 13 colonies.

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What did Great Britain impose strict control over in the colonies?

taxes and take control of colonies

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