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What documentation do you need as lienholder to repossess a vehicle from police impound in New York City for unpaid parking tickets?


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The impound yard will give you their particular requirements. Just give them a call.


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NO, the city CANT repossess your car. They can impound it for a violation of a city law. The only one who can repo a car is the LEINHOLDER. THEY can repo it as a result of the city impounding it for the cities reasons. And only repo it AFTER they pay the city and/or impound fees. Yes - they can have it towed for example if it is abandoned on the side of the road and the lender would have to pay the amount due to get it back just to repossess it. Their lien takes precedence over all others.

Parking Wars is about the people of the Philadelphia and Detroit Parking Authorities, and their daily activities as they go about ticketing, towing, booting, running the impound lot, and the people they interact with on the job.

The average parking ticket in California ranges from 40 to 60 dollars depending the severity. If the parking violation is extreme, the vehicle may just be towed outright and placed into impound.

Many jurisdictions such as the cities of Chicago and New York have strict parking ordinances. When these ordinances are violated, or a series of unpaid tickets exist, a tow truck is dispatched to hook the vehicle and take it to impound. Impound is a lot where vehicles are locked and kept until the unpaid balance of tickets and fees is paid.

A car has been impounded , can the car be return to owner if a payment arrangement is made with parking authorities.

You will likely be arrested. This is larceny, a felony. It is also trespassing.

No. Your insurance rates will only raise if you've comitted a moving a violation. Illegal parking is not a moving violation. At worst, you will have to pay a fine for illegally parking as well as impound fees.

It can depend on how many you've accumulated. Are you a 'scofflaw?' If you have too many the usually will just either 'boot' or tow and impound your car.

YES they can come in the parking lot. YES, if they are smart repomen, they will check the adjacent blocks. Their job is to FIND the car and recover it. If it is not at the POE, they should run the given address. If not there, they run the references add.

First:Impound is not about fair.It is about:Punishment: Even thought the city and agency's will claim otherwiseProviding enough profit to get people that will deal with this. As you can imagine the towing portion is no more difficult than normal towing, but you have to pay the drivers and impound people enough to put up with the verbal and physical abuseFinally:Its about profit again, towing and impound for parking profits the property owner and the towing company who usually split the bill 50/50 on the initial tow and the yard gets the impound and storage fees.When I did this (and made great money) I multiplied my normal tow fee by 4 and storage by 5 to deal with the stress.

Do you mean an Impound yard or Pay for parking garage? If so, they are but you may have to go through small claims court to collect.

Your car has obviously been towed away and impounded so you are going to have to find out what towing company took it. If you have been in an accident then it's in a police impound. May not be in a police impound unless they are doing an investigation which requires it to be impounded. It depends on where it is. Was it repossessed? Was it left on the side of the road? Was it parked in a no parking zone? Was it parked in a reserved spot?

Yes they can, I have seen repossessions happen in your driveway as well. The only problem that would occur is if they broke into your garage to reclaim the vehicle.

Yes they can, the sticker gives the violator ample time to remove the vehicle from the non-parking area. The CHP can also impound the vehicle if it is parked in a manor that is impeding traffic

If the vehicle is behind a LOCKED, gated area, or in a garage, then yes, they (whoever is reposessing), can go to jail for trespassing. If the car is out in the open i.e. on a curb, in the driveway that's not gated, in a private parking lot (not gated), in a private parking deck, then they can and will repo the car, boat, anything that they have a court order to take for nonpayment. They can get anything that is out in the open. If they can see it, they will take it.

Doing so is automobile abandonment. If left for several days, the local police will check for ownership via the license plates or VIN of the vehicle. Attempts will be made to contact the owner - If the owner cannot be reached, then the vehicle will be towed to an impounds lot. Parking is not free at the impound lots - sometimes as much as $8 per day in some regions. The owner will be required to pay the parking fees AND the towing charges before the car can be removed from the impound lot.

While I am not familiar with this "30 day hold," but the lien holder of a vehicle may take possession of the vehicle at any time after the loan has been defaulted. That is if you the borrower go delinquent on payments, and the vehicle is impounded (potentially for parking violations or excess unpaid tickets), the lien holder will receive notice. Actually they receive notice of impound even if you are not delinquent. If the lien holder pays the outstanding impound and storage fees, they may take possession of the vehicle.

It depends on the country/state/town where you live and the local laws that apply there, but in essence the police only have the rights to act within or under those laws.For instance if you car was parked where the local laws designated there should be no parking your car may be liable for impounding.If the police suspect the car has been involved in a crime they may impound it.If it was parked on a public highway and was not properly licensed or insured they could impound it.If it has been impounded why do you not go and ask them why? - It may be hard for you to accept, but there will be a valid reason.

In general states do not have SOL for traffic violations. The ticket will remain in effect until paid or satisfactory settlement is made. In most cases a warrant will be issued if the violator does not pay the ticket or appear at a court hearing on the date specified. Most likely, if police stop you and found you have over due parking ticket, the vehicle may be impound. The only way to get your vehicle back is pay all parking tickets.

A car might be purchased in decent shape for $1,000 or under at an auction. Larger cities have auctions frequently to get rid of cars that are towed for parking violations. Check local impound lots for auction times.

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