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the Articles of Confederation and Virginia plan


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The two documents that came from the Revolutionary War was the Constitution and the Treaty of Paris.

The document that governed the United States before The Constitution was The Articles of Confederation.

The Declaration of Independence did nothing to the Constitution or Bill of Rights since it came before those documents. It did serve as a starting point for many of the concepts the Constitution and Bill of Rights used.

9 out of the original 13 states had to ratify the Constitution before it came into effect.

Before the Constitution the US used the Articles of Confederation. These were very weak and so delegates met to revise them. From there came the Constitution.

No. The Articles of Confederation came before.

uhh... no. Obviously the constitution came before any AMENDMENTS to it were made. Do you even know what an Amendment is???

what documents influenced the framing of the constitution

the framers of the constitution looked to Locke for inspiration when writing the constitution.

They are both US documents. Also, they were both written before the first president was elected.

The Federalist papers, and other government documents from other countries, such as the England.

Virginia constitution and U.S. Constitution

The Federalists Papers were made to help spread approval for the Constitution. While the Constitution was written first, the Papers were publihsed before the Constituion was ratified.

The Articles of Confederation were the first national documents were drawn up before the US Constitution. The US Constitution created to solve some of the problems the Articles of Confederation' failed to properly address.

The entirety of the U.S. Constitution

The Articles of Confederation 1781 came before The Constitution 1791

John Locke, a British writer had a huge influence on the American constitution. He wrote many documents and, in some cases, is quoted by Jefferson

There are no components of the British constitution as it is unwritten. The British constitution comes from a variety of documents such as the Magna Carta.

The Bill of Rights The American constitution Fannandas records

The 2 documents that are important to America are independence declaration and the American constitution. These are the documents that give America the power to exist.

The Bill of Rights were not in the original Constitution because the Constitution was ratified before these issues came up. The Bill of Rights were proposed to guarantee a number of personal freedoms.

They didn't. The federal constitution came first and then the states. Many of the colonies had royal charters before the revolution.

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