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What documents do you need if you are a citizen and pregnant and want to marry your boyfriend of 2 years and have him apply for his green card?


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You need to contact an attorney. * Both persons need to supply whatever indentifying documents are required by the state in which they choose to marry. In the majority of states this means a birth certificate or other acceptable proof of indentity and age, SS#, proof of established residency, and so forth. It is now necessary for the foreign national to submit a visa or other official U.S. document showing he is within the U.S. legally.

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You can't help someone who is not an American citizen. They have to get and hold a job in Mexico for one year. Then they can apply to come back but not before.

Being pregnant by a US citizen won't get you a citizenship. If you are married to a US citizen and have filled for permanent resident and got your green card and after your first green card for 2 years you have to apply for your second green card, but for citizenship you can apply after 2 yrs and 9 months from first green card.

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A fiances visa first and formost, so you can get married inside the US. Then apply for a green card ,a lawyer is always best.

You simply marry him and apply for Permanent Resident status (Green Card).

Have him return to his country and apply for a visa. There is nothing you can do while he is here illegally that will help him.

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