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What does 'cest la vie' mean?

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literally it means "that's life" or "this is life"

It literally means, "That's life!" in French. It is a common phrase in the English language now, too.

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French for "That's life," or "Such is life."

Bewitched-c'est la vie Magnum and Slade both released tracks featuring Cest la vie

Of course, but so is the internet! and all media, cest la vie...

Roughly " That's life" in English, "Asi es la vida" in Spanish.

'C'est la vie' is actually the correct way to say "That's life" or "It's life". Sa la vie would not make sense in French, as 'sa' (meaning his or her) has a different meaning than 'C'est' (meaning It's/That's)

Some of the bars where Jeff found victims are, la cage, 219, phoenix,and cest la vie.

C'est la vie [French] = such is life.

In French: Un aveugle a dit: «Etre capable de voir, c'est la vie."In English: A blind man once said, "Being able to see, that's life."

La Vie Boheme is French for 'the Bohemian life'.

La vie est belle - life is rosy

la = the (feminine) ; le = the (masculin) vie = life dans = in

hooray for life - to love life

c'est la première - it's the first (feminine)

Life, the life, C'est la vie translates to "that's life"

c'est la vie means - that's life, that's how things are

menez la vie... means 'lead the life ...' in French.

If you want to know what it means, its that's life. c'est la vie isn't far from de la vie, or from life.

Apres la vie is 'after life'.

"mes amis pour la vie" means "my friends for life".

I think you mean "l'homme de ma vie" : the men of my life

la vie est belle (not "c'est belle") means 'life is beautiful' in French.

"Do you hate life" is the answer. Ne= do Vous=you deteste=hate la vie=life

"From life", in French.

If you mean "la vie", it means "life".

In English, c'est la vie, mon amour means "that's life, my love".