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It means I remember

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'Je me souviens' means 'I remember' in English.

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Q: What does 'je me souviens' mean in English?
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What is Quebec's motto?

Je me souviens (I remember)Je me souviens or "I Remember"

What does you remember in the phrase Je you Souviens mean?

It's not you remember, it's I remember you, souviens is reflexive and is reflecting your action (remembering) back on the subject (you)

How do you say in french 'I remember that now' 'Je me souviens ca maintenant' or 'Je me rappel ca maintenant' which is best?

Je me souviens que maintenant

What actors and actresses appeared in Je me souviens - 2002?

The cast of Je me souviens - 2002 includes: Irving Layton as himself

What is the motto of Quebec City?

The motto of Quebec City is 'I shall put God's gift to good use'.

What is the French Canadian motto?

Je me souviens

What actors and actresses appeared in Je me souviens - 2008?

The cast of Je me souviens - 2008 includes: Alyssa Pridham as Lauren Frederick Steiss as Fred

What does Je you souviens mean?

"Je me souviens" is a French phrase that translates to "I remember." It is the official motto of the Canadian province of Quebec, often seen on their license plates, and signifies the importance of remembering the province's history and values.

Where can you find je me souviens?

"je me souviens" is the motto for French Canada, it's a perfume, a story, a movie released in 2009 - could you be more specific about what you are looking for?

What does the Québec license plate say?

Je me souviens.

What actors and actresses appeared in Je me souviens pas - 2012?

The cast of Je me souviens pas - 2012 includes: Sydney Krause as Cackling Blonde in Audience Micheline Marchildon as Miche

What does souvien mean in french?

To remember: se souvenir this is a reflexive verb Present tense: je me souviens tu te souviens il/elle/on se souvient nous nous souvenons vous vous souvenez ils/elles se souviennent example: Je me souviens des vacances qu'on passait à la mer quand j'étais enfant.