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What does 'sat nav' mean?

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Satellite navigation is what it stands for. But it is called a 'GPS'

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Q: What does 'sat nav' mean?
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What is a car's Sat Nav used for?

Sat Nav is short for Satellite navigation system. Sat Nav is a system of satellite that provides geo-spatial position with global coverage. When used on a car, sat nav tells where exactly the car is.

Where is the sat nav in lr disco 3?

where do i change the sat nav disc on a disco 3

When was the first sat nav invented?

The first sat nav was made in 1986 by a man call john smith.

Advantages of sat nav?

easy to use

Can you use a sat nav for geocaching?

If the sat nav allows the input of waypoints and has enough battery power to get to the cache locations, you shouldn't have too much trouble. However the accuracy of a sat-nav will not be anywhere near as good as that of a handheld GPS designed for hiking.

Where is the Motorcycle Sat Nav service available?

There are many places that one can purchase the Motorcycle Sat Nav service. It is mostly available from the Sat Nav website. The service itself after purchased is mostly available in open and clear areas with good satellite connection.

What software is needed to download mapping data from a DVD to a Becker sat nav system?

you need a usb lead which normally comes with the sat nav. joe

Can you use Stephen Hawking as a Sat Nav?

On some Sat Nav systems it is possible to use Stephen Hawking as the voice. Whether you can or not depends on the make and model.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sat Nav Man - 2010?

The cast of Sat Nav Man - 2010 includes: Lucien Morgan as Phone Man

Where can one buy sat nav and car eletronics online?

You can purchase Sat Nav & Car Electronics online at the Amazon website. Once on the page, type "Sat Nav & Car Electronics" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the items.

When was sat nav invented?

90th of coronation street

How does Henry Navarre follow his religion?

with a sat-nav

Do they make a self updating sat nav?

yes they do

Who invented the sat nav car navigation?


What is the name of Nokia sat nav app?

nokia drive

What kind of electronic device is sat nav gps?

A sat nav gps is a gps unit which is guided by satellites. You can find more information online at websites like or

What does the prefix 'nav' mean?


Do all Chrysler sebring have sat nav installed?

Optional equipment.

How do pilots find there way around in the sky?

The in-aircraft sat nav

What is needed with a car?

you will probably need a jack a map or sat nav and that is about it

How do navigators navigate the space shuttle in space?

Sat nav :p

How did Sir Francis Drake discover the different islands?


Where is the sat nav DVD player on a Prius?

It is under the passenger seat. Remove the small black cover (two easy to depress tabs) then slide swith on unit to eject the Sat Nav DVD

Why does a sat nav tell you a different speed from the dial in your car?

Because sometimes the speed dial on your car can be up to 10kph different than your actual speed so I personally would trust your sat-nav

What is a PDA Sat Nav used for?

A PDA Sat Nav is used to store information, files, read emails and provides a navigational system. This is different from the GPS as the GPS is used more for travelling long distance.