What does 'sat nav' mean?

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Satellite navigation is what it stands for. But it is called a 'GPS'

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Q: What does 'sat nav' mean?
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How does sat-nav work?

how does the sat nav work what is the technical information for sat nav

Advantages of using Sat Nav?

what is the advantages of using a sat nav.

What is a car's Sat Nav used for?

Sat Nav is short for Satellite navigation system. Sat Nav is a system of satellite that provides geo-spatial position with global coverage. When used on a car, sat nav tells where exactly the car is.

Where is the sat nav in lr disco 3?

where do i change the sat nav disc on a disco 3

When was the first sat nav invented?

The first sat nav was made in 1986 by a man call john smith.

When were sat nav's invented?


What providers offer Sat Nav deals?

Some of the providers for Sat Nav include Navigon, Navteq, AA, Copilot, Alturion, tomtom and more. Sat Nav also has their own branding of mapping which is the cheaper option.

What devices have sat nav built in?


Advantages of sat nav?

easy to use

What actors and actresses appeared in Sat Nav Man - 2010?

The cast of Sat Nav Man - 2010 includes: Lucien Morgan as Phone Man

Where is the Motorcycle Sat Nav service available?

There are many places that one can purchase the Motorcycle Sat Nav service. It is mostly available from the Sat Nav website. The service itself after purchased is mostly available in open and clear areas with good satellite connection.

Can you use a sat nav for geocaching?

If the sat nav allows the input of waypoints and has enough battery power to get to the cache locations, you shouldn't have too much trouble. However the accuracy of a sat-nav will not be anywhere near as good as that of a handheld GPS designed for hiking.

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