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Ya Habibi means "my loved one," but a dear friend can be called habibi too.

Please note: Ya is not part of the word, it is just a calling sound, like "yo" in English, but differs in the meaning.

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Q: What does 'ya habibi' mean?
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What does we inti me ahloo ya habibi mean?

you too, my darling

What actors and actresses appeared in Ya habibi - 1960?

The cast of Ya habibi - 1960 includes: Rushdy Abaza

What is the meaning of ya habibi ya maulana?

My loveee

What does Wahashtini ya habibi mean in Arabic?

hello and how are you my friend? wa= and (also) Aleyki = on you Salam= peace Ya= O Habibi= dear one So it should be " O dear one, peace on you too"

Wahashtini ya habibi means in urdu?

"Wahashtini ya habibi" is Arabic, not Urdu... Urdu language is mostly Indian mixed with a little bit of Persian and Arabic. Wahashtini ya habibi: I miss you my love!

What do you mean by aayez takul ya habibi?

Would you like to eat, my love? or Do you want to eat, my love?

What does 'ente alha men el wared habibi' mean?

If you mean to say Enti alha men el-wared ya habibi (أنت أحلى من الورد يا حبيبي), it means "You are sweeter than roses, my beloved."

What is the translation of wa inti me ahloo ya habibi?

Have a goodnight too baby

What does yalla habibi mean?

Yalla Habibi means "Let's go, baby"

What does habibi inta zay tizi mean?

Habibi= My love Inta = You Zay = Like Tizi = Ass

Ashik bakali sneen wala kirak fi Bali habibi habibi hbibi ya nor al ain ya sakin khayali?

I have love you for years, no-one else is on my mind, my love, my love, my love, oh light of my eyes. You live in my imagination/thoughts

What does 'Shalom habibi' mean?

hey babe