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What does 3 stars on the wrist mean?


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yeah, nautical stars go back to the navy.... i was told they meant " to protect and guide"


"to protect" that is the meaning.


It means to show the way to.


If its nautical stars, often times it is a sign of homosexuality for women. Once there was a time that women got them to 'show the way' in the same sense of that of the 'north star' in the christian bible.

If they are natural birth marks which resemble stars then that is all they are and have no logical significance. If they are tattooed on the wrist then only the person who had them done would know the answer.

The placement on the wrist doesn't mean anything, only the person who got the tattoo there would know, but as for the stars, (if they are nautical stars) are a symbol sailors used to use that means finding one's way. I have one and I researched it before I got it. I don't think they mean lesbianism, they are representative of the north star.


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