What does 5 million each occurrence and in the aggregate mean?

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The Aggregate coverage is the maximum the policy will pay out in any given policy term.
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What does 'each occurrence' mean?

Answer . \nEach occurence means that the liability limit of your policy doesn't have an accured limit. Every time you have an accident, the policy limits are available (i.

What does aggregate mean?

There are several explanations. In botany it refers to floretscollected in a dense cluster, such as in a daisy. In geology it isa mixture of minerals separated by mechanical m

What does aggregate loan limit mean?

Aggregate loan limit is the max amount you can take out in student loans. It's like a credit card, if you max out the card, you have to pay down the principle balance before y

What does Aggregated sentence mean?

An aggregated sentence is one that is a cluster of words. It doesnot make sense and it is not formed properly.

What is the meaning of 'aggregate' in terms of weight?

Aggregate is a process of combining separate objects to make one object or mass. A house, as an example is an aggregate of wood, insulation, nails, shingles, etc. The whole ma

What does occurrence mean?

oc·cur·rence     [ uh -kur- uh ns, uh -kuhr-] Show IPA noun 1. the action, fact, or instance of occurring. . 2. something that happens; event; i

What does Aggregate mean in general liability?

In a insurance policy, the limit of liability is often expressed as a value per occurrence and a separate value as an aggregate limit. The policy will pay no more than the per

What does the aggregate mean in aggregate planning?

In aggregate planning, you look at things from a far point of view. In other words, looking at the big picture of the whole plant. Not caring about the small details, such as

What does mean aggregate?

An aggregate (noun) is the sum or whole amount. To aggregate (verb) is to collect or amount together.
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What is the aggregate of 2 5 and 7?

An aggregate is an unusual term for adding together. So the "aggregate" will be 2 + 5 + 7 = 14
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What is the meaning of aggregate demand?

Aggregate demand is defined as the total demand for goods and services at a certain price level during a a specific time period. This may be referring to Gross Domestic Produc