What does A.B. stand for as an academic degree?

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The Artium Baccalaureatus (A.B.) Degree is the same as a Bachelor's in Arts (B.A.). American universities use either the A.B. or B.A. terminology, but not usually both.

Harvard, Cornell, and Princeton are among the American universities that grant the A.B. degree rather than B.A. In the past, an A.B. designated studies in the classical arts; today, it is indistinguishable from a B.A.
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Why is cooking important for schools?

You need to define schools when you say that. What kind of educational institutions. If you're talking about Schoolchildren, a basic knowledge of health will do enough good. Teens, will be more on cooking instant/prepackaged food. Young adults, will be knife skills, cooking up simple dishes ( Full Answer )

What cooking school did Rachael Ray go to?

\nShe didn't go to culinary school, she worked in various restaurants. If you go to her website there is a question and answer section where she states" I am not a chef, I am a cook"

How many knives do you need for cooking school?

In general the following trio covers pretty much 99% of common cutting tasks: 1) Chef's knife or its Japanese cousin Gyuto, come in various length 6-12". Length preference depends on the user. 2) 3-4" long paring knife, for small delicate items, peeling and paring. 3) 8-12" long serrated brea ( Full Answer )

How much is cooking school?

There is not enough information to provide a reasonable answer. Different sorts of cooking schools providing different levels of training have widely different costs.

Do you have to go to a cook school to learn how to cook?

no!! i mean if that's goin to be ur proffesion then yea but just to like cook for ur family no way.....my mom always makes dinner she didnt go to cookschool no!! i mean if that's goin to be ur proffesion then yea but just to like cook for ur family no way.....my mom always makes dinner she didnt go ( Full Answer )

How many years do you have to go to cooking school?

It varies with the school and the training you are seeking. Some apprenticeship programs last for 4 years while good quality schools like Le Cordon Bleu and Culinary Institute of America offer some courses as short as 3 months.

What school did James Cook go to?

James Cook's education was paid for by his father's employer. He attended a local school in England.

Did James Cook go to school?

Like many young farming lads of his time, James Cook had just a basic education at his local school, the village school of Marton, Yorkshire. He did not attend any specialist or trade school, or university.

Which are the best schools to learn Spanish and cooking?

There are a wide variety of schools which can help you learn and improve your Spanish language skills. Learning another language can be hard but can be more enjoyable if it is learnt alongside another activity. Studying the language in a classroom environment can be quite tedious and information can ( Full Answer )

What do you learn in cooking school?

You learn how to cook !!! make different kinds of meals, how to use the equipment properly, tips on making the best food, techniques etc.

What cooking school did Cara and Mady Gosselin go to?

In the episode Cooking With the Twins (Season 3, episode 14 originally aired March 10, 2008) Cara and Mady took cooking lessons at Kids Cook and brought recipes home to try with their mom.

What are the top ten schools for cooking?

1. Dar Liqama, Morocco . 2. Le Baou d'Infer, France . 3. Rustic Sicilian, Italy . 4. Four Seasons, Thailand . 5. Samp and Soufflé, South Africa . 6. Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ireland . 7. Swinton Park, United Kingdom . 8. Kea Artisanal, Greece . 9. Kerala Cooking Residency, India . 10. ( Full Answer )

Nine cooks take 4 hours to prepare a school lunch How long would six cooks take to prepare the same lunch?

Nine cooks working together finish 1/4 of the job in an hour.. Each cook finishes 1/(9 x 4) = 1/36 of the job in an hour.. Six cooks finish 6/36 = 1/6 of the job in an hour.. 1 whole job = 6/6, so it takes the group 6 hours to do the job.. =====. Another approach:. 9 cooks take 4 hours.. T ( Full Answer )

What did Captain cook do after school?

just go to - http://pages.quicksilver.net.nz/jcr/~cookbio1.html it has all the info you need to know about captain cook.

How much schooling do you need to become a cook?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for Cooks and Food Preparation Workers. On-the-job training is the most common method of learning for cooks and food preparation workers; however, restaurant cooks and oth ( Full Answer )

What did Julia Child do after cooking school?

I consulted a database available remotely to Columbus MetropolitanLibrary patrons called Biography in Context . It containedseveral different biography articles compiled from various sourcesthat detailed many aspects of Child's career. According to severaldifferent biographies that I read within th ( Full Answer )

How beneficial would cooking school be to an 11-year old child?

cooking in a positive and safe envrionment is very benficial to children of any age. It is also beneficial if you cook with them at home as eventually they will leave home and will need to be able to feed themselves. This may also spark an interest towards a profession in cooking in the future.

Should school cooks wear hairnets?

Yes, they should because my friend was getting food at school once and there was a giant swap of hair in the food. The lady wasn't wearing a hairnet and the hair was crawling with dandruff and i think i saw some lice eggs! So the hairnet pritect from hair in your food, dandruff i your food, and you ( Full Answer )

Can a 13 year old go to a cooking collage instead of school?

First off... if you were this 13 year old... i wouldn't suggest it for 2 obvious reasons... 1.) its spelled college and 2.) its called culinary arts college. Also, you're too young. Wait for about 5 years then you can go.

Are there any cooking schools in Oklahoma?

Yes, many of them. For example: http://plattcolleges.edu/content/culinary-programs http://go.osuit.edu/academics/culinary_arts/ http://francistuttle.edu/culinaryarts And here you can see some summery of them: http://www.educationnews.org/career-index/culinary-schools-in-oklahoma/

Should schools include cooking classes?

In my opinion, yes. If someone wants to go to culinary school in the future it would be a great opportunity to practice. From a learning perspective of course, the more classes offered the better the learning opportunities. The logistics however can get in the way, funding being chief among them.

What cooking school has a night program?

Depending on the area that you live in, you should consider looking at different culinary schools that are in your neighborhood that will be able to provide you with the opportunity of taking night classes. Technically speaking, any community culinary school will be able to provide you with this ben ( Full Answer )

What is the most prestigious cooking school in the United States?

The most prestigious cooking school in the United States is the Cordon Bleu. It is world renowned and offers multiple degrees and areas of expertise, including hospitality and pastry. This school offers many campuses across the country. Many world renowned chef's have graduated from the Cordon Bleu. ( Full Answer )

Where are some good cooking schools in USA?

Le Cordon Bleu is considered to be one of the best cooking schools, and it has several locations in the U.S., including Boston and San Francisco. There is also the Culinary Institute of America, which has locations in New York, California, and Texas.

Is drama class or cooking class more valuable in middle school?

It depends on the career you want to go into. If you want to be a cook, choose cooking class. If you want to be an actor/actress, choose drama class. And if you don't want to go into either, just choose whichever one interests you or flip a coin.

What cooking schools are the best in the US?

The Best culinary schools in the US include institute of culinary education in NYC, texas culinary academy, california culinary academy, and culinary institue at Hyde Park.

Is there any homework at a cooking school?

It would depend on the class you're taking. I taught a class at acooking school and it was all about food sanitation and cleanlinessand we did some homework. I can see some teachers assigning you totry some of the techniques at home, too.

What could be done to improve school cooking?

These days everyone is trying to make schools have healthier food. There are many ways to improve school cooking. One way is to eliminate processed food.

Where is Leiths Cooking School located?

Leiths Cooking School is located in London, England. The mailing address of this school is 16-20 Wendell Road, London, Greater London, W12 9RT, United Kingdom.

Where is the Loretta Paganini School of Cooking?

The Loretta Paganini School of Cooking is at 8613 Mayfield Road, Chesterland, OH 44026. The contact number is 440-729-1110. It offers teaching of international cuisine.

What is taught at a Cordon Bleu cooking school?

Cordon Bleu is a multi disciplinary cooking school for the home enthusiast. Cordon Bleu provide both physical and online classes ranging from basic to gourmet cooking.