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What does A.B. stand for as an academic degree?

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The Artium Baccalaureatus (A.B.) Degree is the same as a Bachelor's in Arts (B.A.). American universities use either the A.B. or B.A. terminology, but not usually both.

Harvard, Cornell, and Princeton are among the American universities that grant the A.B. degree rather than B.A. In the past, an A.B. designated studies in the classical arts; today, it is indistinguishable from a B.A.

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What does AAA stand for as an academic degree?

Associate of Applied Arts Degree

What does BA stand for as an academic degree?

Bachelor of Arts.

What does ma stand for as an academic degree?

Masters in Arts

What does LLM stand for as an academic degree?

"Master of Laws." It's a lawyer's degree.

What does act stand for in academic degree?

American College Test

What does AAB stand for as an academic degree?

Associates of Applied Business

What does ABD stand for as an academic degree?

ABD= All But Dissertation

What does master's degree stand for?

It is an academic level of achievement and considered advanced study that typically follows the bachelor's degree.

Can you go on to a bachelor's degree after an academic degree?

I'm not sure what you mean by, "after an academic degree." A bachelor's degree is an academic degree.

What does AM stand for as an academic degree?

A.M. stands for "artium magister," from the Latin for "master of arts."

What is the difference between a academic degree and associate's degree?

Any college or university degree is an academic degree.

What does pdd stand for in academic degrees?

Pd.D. stands for post degree diploma. This degree allows students who already have an undergraduate degree to continue their education, such as getting as PhD.

What does a LLB stand for as an academic degree?

LLB in an abbreviation of "Bachelor of Laws" from the Latin legum baccalaureus.

What does DD mean after a person's name?

It depends on the context... DD could stand for Doctor of Divinity - an academic degree.

What is a difference between academic title and academic degree?

the academic title or position is for this one who work in university or collage but the academic degree is for any one have the abilty to do the master or PhD degree even if this one didn't work in the university or collage

What is the highest academic degree that can be earned?

masters degree

What does AB stand for?

In what context?

What does the Ab in AP Calculus ab stand for?

I don't think they stand for anything. AB just means the first and second parts, and BC is the next parts.

What does mgr stand for?

Polish abbreviation of "Magister" - an academic degree equal to Master's degree, used in many Central European countries (including Poland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic).

What do the initials DM after someones name mean?

Doctor of Management, an academic management degreeDoctorate of Medicine, an academic medical degreeDoctor of Music, an academic music-performance degree, also known as D.M.A

What does the acronym AB stand for?

The acronym AB stands for Architect Building.

What is a doctorian degree?

It is a doctorate degree, not doctorian. A doctorate degree is the highest level of academic degree.

What is AB magna cum laude?

The Graduate degree AB magna cum laude is an honors degree. It is in the area of Arts and Sciences.

What is the highest academic degree?

A doctorate.

What does ab stand for in baseball?

At Bats.

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