What does Australia have?

Australia has many things:

  • A population of just 23 million in a continent that covers about 7 659 861 sq km.
  • The largest number of native marsupials of any continent.
  • Six states, two mainland territories and seven external (offshore) territories.
  • The world's only monotremes, or egg-laying mammals, the platypus and the echidna (Papua New Guinea also has a species of echidna)
  • Unusual features such as Uluru/Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta and Mt Augustus.
  • Over 208 species of frogs but no native toads.
  • Introduced animals, such as the rabbit, cane toad, fox, feral cat, camel, feral pig, etc which have caused endless destruction of native habitats and the decimation of native fauna and flora species.
  • Unique man-made features such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.