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What does Brazil use for automobile fuel?

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Basiccaly the same as the other countries.

Brazil uses gasoline, GNV gas, and ethonal made from sugar cane (this kind of fuel, called Etanol, is starting to be exported for other countries, such as the United States, after an agreement made between the Brazilian and American government for the use of this fuel, that is less pollutant than those made with Petrol)

that's why Brazil developed the bi-flex technology for cars, making them able to use gasoline and alcohol in the same car.

Nowadays, there are already tri-flex cars in the streets. They work with three different fuels.

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Carbon monoxide is present in?

cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust, it can be present in your home if you use gas or fuel oil

What makes an automobile go?

Power, fuel

Why would a 1994 Plymouth voyager use a lot of gas?

A plugged fuel filter or a dirty air cleaner filter can cause any automobile to use more fuel. Worn out spark plugs and plug wires can also cause the vehicle to use more fuel.

Does a 1977 Corvette have fuel injection?

Every Corvette since the first one has fuel injection. Corvette was the first fuel injected automobile in the US. Every Corvette since the first one has fuel injection. Corvette was the first fuel injected automobile in the US.

How do you use automobile in a sentence?

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When did Henry Ford and Thomas Edison become friends?

when thomas suggested to Henry to use gasoline as fuel for his powr engin automobile.

What is the use of methyl alcohol?

Methyl alcohol is chiefly used as a solvent, a fuel, and an automobile antifreeze. It is also used in the synthesis of formaldehyde.

Can maize be used to make petrol?

Not exactly. Petrol (called "gasoline" in the US) is made only from petroleum, the black crude oil which is pumped from the ground and is considered a fossil fuel. Maize (corn) can, however, be used to make ethanol, which automobiles can use to run quite effectively. Brazil is a nation which is converting its entire automobile fleet to use 100% ethanol as a fuel, although most of theirs is produced from sugarcane.

Which fuel is use in aeroplane?

Small, general aviation type airplanes use avgas (aviation gasoline) which is very similar to automobile fuel. Large jet engines mostly use Jet-A fuel, which is a real nasty substance with a very high octane rating. Military fighter jets mostly use JP4 fuel which is similar to Jet-A but even more combustable.

What is the used in a fuel-cell automobile?

Hydrogen gas

How to use water as a fuel for cars without the help of petrol diesel etc?

Impossible. Water itself is not a fuel and will not burn so therefore it cannot be used as a fuel for an automobile. If you figure out how to burn water you will be a very rich person.

An automobile engine converts what?

It converts fuel plus oxygen into a complex mixture of gases (the composition of which depends on the type and brand of the fuel you use and how well you maintain your car), heat and rotary motion.

Does Brazil export d2 diesel fuel?

Here : During the forum Diesel Technology SAE Brazil, organized in late August, senior consultant of Petrobras, Luiz Eduardo Correa said he believed the release of fuel use in Brazil, since 2011 there will be diesel in the country of good quality and sufficient export. Answer : Not Yet !

2 changes brought on by more automobile use?

Automobile use has made people heavier because they don't walk anywhere anymore. Automobile use has also caused a lot of pollution.

What are the advantages of CNG as an automobile fuel?

thankyou cng vechils produce the fewest emisions of any motor fuel.

What is the use of automobile?


What is fuel burning?

Fuel burning is the burning of fuel. In an automobile engine it is called combustion. The gasoline mixed with oxygen and ignited by the spark plugs explodes.

How do you use the word automobile in a sentence?

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What Christmas decoratons do they use in Brazil?

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What is octane used for?

Octane is a component which burns in automobile engines. It is used as a fuel.

The fuel used to power most automobile engines comes from?

non renewable

Why does a high octane fuel has a less tendency to knock in automobile engine?

because the high octane fuel prevents the igniting of fuel before the starting of engine

Which countries lead in the use of ethanol fuel?

Brazil is the leader using as high as 25% Ethanol+Gasoline mixture... very closely followed by USA.. other countries like China, Australia, Sweden, Colombia use Ethanol as fuel.

What is the size of the fuel line?

A fuel line is a hose that is used to transport fuel from one point in a automobile to another. Fuel line sizes differ from one type of vehicle to another.

What industry takes place in Brazil?

Major industries in Brazil include iron and steel production, automobile assembly, petroleum processing, chemicals production, and cement making. There are many mining companies and petroleum processing plants in Brazil.