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Care For A Better World xxCharities beyond the world

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Q: What does CBW mean in a survey?
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When was CBW - AM - created?

CBW - AM - was created in 1923.

When was CBW-FM created?

CBW-FM was created on 1962-12-10.

What does survey mean in math?

a chart

In terms of maths what does survey mean?

a chart

What does OS mean on maps?

Ordnance Survey

What does survey mean in science?

Survey can mean to either view something or an area or to ask a group of people several questions in a series for comparing results.

How do you read a construction survey stake?

On a survey stake it reads: 5' EC ER TC = Fl. What does this mean?

What does the word issues on ordnance survey map mean?


What does it mean to survey?

to take an opinion of many people

What does AL mean on an ordnance survey map?


What does SINK mean on ordnance survey maps?


What does collects mean on an ordnance survey map?

'collects' isn't used on ordance survey maps but 'coll' is used for 'college'.

What does Survey method mean?

Survey method is the method in which you try to collect information by going through the knowledge of individual persons or by asking them

What does SSIB on a survey mean?

Short Standard Iron Bar

What do the blue land survey markers mean?

Boundary line

What does the word survey mean in class?

ans to chose with out looking

What is the present tense of survey?

Survey is present tense.I surveyWe surveyYou surveyHe/She/It surveysThe survey

What is a ILA land survey?

Are you sure you don't mean ALTA survey? An ALTA survey is simply a type of survey with certain requirements that may be above and beyond the state's minimum requirements. An ALTA survey may be required by the title insurance company or the lender. ALTA stands for American Land Title Association.

What does SQ3R MEAN?

SQ3R = Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review.

What does Ch mean on an ordnance survey map?

Ch means church.

What does PC mean on an ordnance survey map?

its a public convenience (toilet)

Why can't you catch survey like you can catch a cold?

If you mean scurvy, then you can't catch it like a cold because it is a vitamin C deficiency rather than a viral illness. If you mean survey then I have no idea what you are talking about.

What does survey mean?

Its some kind of Data you may know.Well its a Data realy.

What does a red rectangle mean on an ordnance survey map indicate?

Youth Hostel

What does the symbol of a mug mean on the ordnance survey map?

It means a "Public House"