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Cost-to-CompanyCost to Company (CTC) is a term used to describe an investment without return. Travel expenditures, interviewing, spending time with potential customers can all be interpreted as CTC's.

Cost to Company can also be used to refer to the total cost that an organization is spending towards their employee including the Salary, Perks, Cost related to benefits, Cost related to hiring, Training, Retirals, Statutory Contributions etc.

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  • Cost to Company is a buzz word to describe how the company can slowly pay you less and less, and remove all your benefits, until you are "self funded" - in other words you pay for all your "benefits" yourself, while the company receives the tax benefits for these payments. This improves their profit ratio, and if this system is extrapolated, you will eventually pay the company to work there. So you'll need a second job to fund this. :-)
  • CTC - Cost to company is a trick of a company and HR department, to show we are paying a big salary, but unfortunatly it is just bubble. They overload total expences of human resources on salary, and show that they are paying this much salary to the staff. but actually they pay less and show more. For example....your salary is 6.00 Lacs p.a. Means ... you are getting 50,000/- per month. But actuly person gets only 25,000/- per month...all other money is deducted for facilities.. Means we are paying for getting facilities, but company shows they are giving us good facilities in the organization. In short, we pay from our salary for getting facilities, but company says they are giving good facilities to there staff. So you are paying for even unwanted facilities which you don't need. Before deciding CTC, ask for breakup of facilities.
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Q: What does CTC or 'Cost to Company' mean?
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What is mean by CTC?


What do you mean by np ectc and ctc?

NP = Notice Period CTC = Cost To Company ECTC = Expected Cost To Company

What is the CTC Range?

CTC - Cost to company it means your overall package which you are drawing from the company

What does ctc ectc np stand for?

ctc = cost to company ectc = expected cost to company np = notice period

What is ment by ctc in job application forms?

CTC = Cost To Company

What is meant by Current CTC in job application?

CTC means "Cost To Company".

What does the abbrevation 'CTC' stand for?

cost to company

What CTC stand for?

it stands for Cost to company. the cost and employee incurs to the company on a yearly basis

What is your current CTC?

CTC refers to the current Cost to Company. CTC is a term that is used to describe an investment without a return. Things like the travel expenditures and interviewing are usually interpreted as CTC's.

What is current CTC?

CTC stands for - Cost to Company is the total cost that an organization is spending towards their employee including the salary, perks, etc.

What is the full form of CTC salary?

CTC -> Cost To Company. It means your pay package/monthly salary, which the company has to shell out every month for you. Current CTC - The salary that you receive currently/presently Expected CTC- Salary that you expect from the company that you are applying to.

How do you add current CTC in my resume?

CTC stands for cost to company. Salary is only one part of CTC. Adding CTC to a resume would only be advised if benefit to company was also listed. This figure could be included in a cover letter or as a bullet under accomplishments.

CTC full form?

p Cost To Company

What is ECTC?

ECTC means Expected Cost to the Company. In short, Expected CTC.

What is the meaning of CTC in Lacs?

CTC in lac(s) means Cost To Company in Lacs(Lakhs). Cost To Company is the total cost to employ a given person (e.g. you) Lac is a unit of 100,000 (one hundred thousand). E.g. if your annual salary is $120,000 and the company has to pay 25% tax after your salary, the CTC in Lacs is $120,000 * 1.25 / 100,000 = 1.5 .

How do you calculate CTC?

CTC is cost to company, calculated on basis of total payment made to employee, including ta, da, hra and other allowances see the reference link:

What is the relationship between gross salary and cost-to-company?

what is the difference between gross salary and CTC

Full form of CTC?

Cost To Company Means whatever is paid behind you including your salary and other services like cars/drivers are included in CTC

If someone ask you about your current C T C what they actually want?

CTC means "Cost to company"

Can we use monthly CTC or there is only Annual CTC?

If company does not offer any annual benifits, we can also compute monthly CTC

Are perks included in CTC?

CTC is a term which is used in business accounting and bookkeeping to track cost to company perks provided for the company's employees. Perks which are classified as CTC include dearness allowance, insurance benefits, medical expense reimbursements, mobile and telephone bill costs, meal expenses, retirement benefits, and leave or travel expenses.

What is ctc in job?

cost to campany

What is the meaning of CTC 79 lacs per annum?

CTC : Cost To Company 79 lacs : 7,900,000 (79 * 100,000) This means the company has to pay 7,900,000 a year to cover the expenses (salary, taxes, other benefits) of a given employee.

What is current CTC and expected CTC for salary?

CTC Stands For COST TO COMPANY. It is the Salary which is the gross pre-tax salary inclusive of all components (monthly, annual, retiral and deferred payments). Current CTC means current drawn salary usually in terms of dollars per year package. Expected CTC means salary you are expecting usually in terms of dollars per year package.

What does the abbreviation CTC stand for?

Cost to CompanyCigarettes Tobacco CigarsCheck the Classification