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Code 41 is for the alternator not charging properly.

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Yes charging system issue. The voltage regulator is built into the engine computer. It can be bypassed using a regulator from a earlier model Dodge. 3 wire transistor model.ย 
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Q: What does Code 41 mean on a 1991 Dodge Dakota?
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What does code 44 mean on a 1991 dodge dakota?

Diagnostic code 44 means: Battery temperature sensor voltage out of range.

What is code p0304 mean for a Dodge Dakota?

Trouble code P0304 means:Cylinder 4 misfire detected

What does diagnostic code 16 mean on a Dodge Dakota 5.2 motor?

Fault code 16 means: Loss of battery voltage.

What is code 55 mean on a 1993 dodge Dakota?

Code 55 is end of message. That means the computer is finished showing codes.

What does code 54 mean on a 92 Dodge Dakota?

code 54 means there is no signal from the pickup coil aka ( cam sensor ) to the pcm.

What does this code mean P1494 for a dodge Dakota 2002?

Trouble code P1494 means:Leak detection pump pressure switch or mechanical fault

What does a diagnostic code 41 on a 1990 dodge Dakota mean?

charging system excess or lack of field current

What does diagnostic code P0720 on a 99 Dodge Dakota 5.2 liter mean?

Trouble code P0720 means:Output speed sensor circuit malfunction

What does odc code P0420 mean on dodge Dakota in English?

P0420 : catalyst efficiency failure. You have a failed catalytic converter.

Engine code p1494 for 2003 dodge Dakota what does it mean?

Trouble code P1494 means: Leak detection pump pressure switch or mechanical fault

What does a diagnostic code 3 on a Dodge Dakota 1992 mean?

Nothing. All of the diagnostic codes consist of 2 digits. 'Code 3' must be incomplete.

What does a diagnostic code 27 on a Dodge Dakota 1992 mean if it is not on continuously?

Check tht injector wiring harness for loose and corroded connections.

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