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Du hast keine Ahnung = You have no idea.

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Q: What does Du hast keine Ahnung mean in English?
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What does 'keine Ahnung wie oder was ich bin' mean?

(Ich habe) keine Ahnung - I have no ideawie ich bin - how I amwas ich bin - what I amwer ich bin - who I amKeine Ahnung wie oder was ich bin would literally be no idea how or what I am.

What does hast not mean?

"hast" is old English for the verb "to have". So "hast not" means "does not have".

What does hast du geschwister mean in English?

Hast Du Geschwister? means do you have any siblings?

What does hast mean from jabberwocky?

"Hast" in the poem "Jabberwocky" means to have or possess something. It is an old English word that is used to indicate possession or ownership, similar to "has."

What does du hast meich mean in Italian?

"Du hast mich" in English means "you have me." In Italian, this can be translated as "mi hai" or "tu mi hai."

What does thou hast mean?

It means "you have." Thou hast is the second person singular present indicative of the English verb to have. The second person singular is archaic and has become virtually extinct in spoken English, used primarily in prayer for addressing the Almighty.

What does KENNT KEINE mean in Spanish?

"KENNT KEINE" in German means "does not know." In Spanish, this would be translated as "no conoce."

What does was hast du in meinem zimmer mean in English?

In the sentence was hast du in meinem Zimmer there is a verb missing so it is hard to offer a complete/accurate translation:was hast du in meinem Zimmer getan? = what were you doing in my room?was hast du in meinem Zimmer gesucht? = what were you looking for in my room?was hast du in meinem Zimmer gesehen? = what did you see in my room?was hast du in meinem Zimmer vergessen? = what did you forget/leave behind in my room?

What does Du Hast Mein Heir mean in English?

Unfortunately this cannot be fully translated as the word Heir does not exist in German. The rest translates as: you have my

What does what hast thou done mean in Tudor talk?

What hast thou done means what have you done.

What does was hast du so gemacht mean in English?

"Hast du so gemacht" means "Did you make that?", literally "Hast thou that made?".============================================================Was hast Du so gemacht? is a German colloquialism that would come up in mid-conversation and means what did you get up to? e.g.Ich habe das Wochenende in Köln verbracht. - Oh, und was hast Du so gemacht (während Du da warst)?I spent the weekend in Cologne. - Oh, and what did you get up to (while you were there)?

What does hast mean?

Depending on context, hast can be:second person present conjugation of the verb haben (to have): du hast - you haveoras a noun (capitalised) Hast:hastehastinessrushrashness