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What does Durga hold in each of her eight hands?

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Durga generally hold the following eight things in here heands - "Trident, Chakra, Snake, Conch shell, Mace, Bow, Long sword, Thunderbolt" DURGA is shown with different number of hands in different pictures some have 8, some 10 and some even 18 hands all carrying many items in her hands.

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What does Durga hold in each of her ten hands?

Durga holds her weapons in her hands

What does the Hindu goddess Durga hold in each of her eighteen arms?

Durga, The Fierce Goddess carries various weapons given by the Gods. Her right hand sword has severed the buffalo's head from its body (demon Mahishasura who emerged from buffalo's body). She grasps one demon in two of her left hands.

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The goddess Durga wields a trident, longsword, chakram, sabre, snake, conch shell, mace, lotus and a thunderbolt.

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