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What does EFTPOS stand for?Enviromental Feet Tall Postional On top of Statues

If you are wanting to know what EFTPOS stands for it is Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale.

Actually it is Electronic Funds Transfer AT Point Of Sale

James plays with these machines along side cod!

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Q: What does EFTPOS stand for?
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EFTPOS stand for?


What are the disadvantages of using eftpos?

Some of the dissadvantage of using EFTPOS are Its not practical for small items Both the buyer and the seller have to py charges for using EFTPOS

What are the disadvantages of EFTPOS?


What is the difference between eftpos and epos?

EFTPOS can accept credit cards, EPOS only cash

When was eftpos started in New Zealand?

EFTPOS was introduced through petrol stations in a pilot program in 1985

When did New Zealand start to use EFTPOS?

New Zealand first started to use EFTPOS was in 1981

How EFTPOS work?


How does an eftpos card work?

with style

When was eftpos introduced to Australia?


What does EFTPOS mean?

EFTPOS stands for Electronics Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. Its basically a retail till with the ability to accept credit and debit card transactions

What is a EFTPOS machine used for?

An EFTPOS machine is used in the automobile industry. It is very helpful in the early stages of making cars, where it helps to solidify the structure of the vehicle.

What country was the first to use EFTPOS?

New Zealand

How old do you have to be to get a eftpos card?

8 Years Old. ;)

Can you pay for Minecraft with eftpos?

Nope, paypal, and paypal only.

What is the difference between epos and eftpos?

Actually there is no difference. Hahahah!

How does eftpos work?

Every Finger Tries Pie Or Sauce

Who invented the EFTPOS machine?

this is a vietnamese people who lives in USA

Does Stewart island have eftpos?

Yes, and big fat old dudes. ;)

What are the input and output devices used at EFTPOS?

keypad,barcode reader

What is the difference between an eftpos card and a credit card?

eftpos is like direct debit, youre using your own money that exists in your account where as credit is a payment put through pending you are borrowing it from the bank and it gets approved.

What does code 41 mean with an eftpos transaction?

41 - Means 'Lost Card'

How does a eftpos machine work?

The word EFTPOS is an acronym stands for 'Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale'. An EFTPOS Machine allows a seller to directly debit a customer's bank account by using a debit card or credit card. A debit or credit card is the same as an ATM card. The card is swiped through a magnetic strip reading device on the EFTPOS Machine, and after a customer enters his or her PIN number the transaction is authorised and funds transfer from the customer's account to the seller's account with 24 to 48 hours or 2 business days. EFTPOS Machines can be integrated with other Point of Sales hardware to save users having to enter in the transaction amounts, which could result in user error, allowing for a more automated process. It should be noted that EFTPOS is generally an Australian term and is not widely used in the rest of the world.

Why would a retailer use epos or eftpos to collect data about a customer?

because his nipples are sore.

What is stored on the magnetic strip of a eftpos card?

The magnetic strip holds the information of your card.

Can a 13 year old get a eftpos card?

No, you must be legally an adult in order to qualify. But in New Zealand you can. I got mine when I was 8.