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The Free French Forces (Forces Françaises Libres in French) were French fighters in World War II, who decided to continue fighting against Axis forces after the surrender of France and German occupation, following the call of General De Gaulle, and the de jure government ('Free French Government') of France in exile as of June 18, 1940.

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Q: What does Free French mean?
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What does libres mean in french?

free (plural)

How do you say 'free' in french?

'free' is either 'libre' or 'gratuit' in French. ('libre' when it is related to freedom; 'gratuit' when you mean 'at no expense')

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it means free in french.

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Libre, in French, means, free, in English.

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Libre is originally french word. It means be free.

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Salut: Answer: If you mean at no charge, it is gratuitement (gra-tweet-mahnt). If you mean free like from a job or slavery, it is libre (lee-brer).

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word libre means to be free in English not engage

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When was Free French Air Force created?

Free French Air Force was created in 1940.

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The French term, musique gratuite, means free music. Free music includes sheet music, online music sites like Pandora, watching music videos on sites like YouTube, and free MP3 downloads.

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in French what does E O mean

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