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What does INJ stand for if im looking at it in your fuse box?


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2005-10-13 14:08:14
2005-10-13 14:08:14

Possibly Fuel Injectors.


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Yes, so wdo just stand on engine fuse box.

It stand for Screw Terminal (ST)

Still looking for fuse box on 1992 Delta 88....anyone?

It's not in the fuse box. Looking at the engine from the front it's in the top corner, marked FWD. You open it up and bam, there it is.

There is no Inside Fuse box, the fuse box is located under the bonnet/hood. Looking at the car from the front , the fuse box is located on the extreme right toward the windscreen.

It is under the hood near the battery in the fuse box. The cover of the box tells you what number fuse you are looking for.

The fuse for the central locking mechanism can be located by looking at the diagram on the inside cover of the fuse box. The fuse box is located in the engine compartment.

Type your answer here... looking for the mega fuse box for alternator on a 1998 ford Expidition

Try looking in the fuse box which is under the bonnet (yep, there's another fuse box there) , but need to know exactly what model Falcon.

A person can find a fuse box diagram by looking on the back of the fuse box panel cover. They can also find a diagram in the owners manual of the car.

Under the steering wheel there is a fuse box it should be in there, if its not the fuse your looking for there is also a fuse at the back of the radio.

looking for the fuse box chart ml 320 fuel injection fuse

I have a 97 intruder that has had a lot of customization and been chopped up so I´m not sure if where mine is located is stock but on the left side you remove the side tin. Under that your fuse box is a block box that on one corner has kinda a triangle looking appearance. it is marked right in the middle fuse box. I have a stock 98 intruder and the fuse box is in the same place, under the tin directly above the kick stand.

You are probably looking at the fuse box under the hood (high current fuses) when you should be looking at the fuse box under the dash.

Looking into the bonnet it is inside the black plastic box on the right

When looking at a fuse box it is important to know what each fuse powers. The fuse that powers the 12V cigarette lighter is the one marked as an accessory in the fuse box lid.

The fuse panel is located under the dash. You can reach the box by looking in the back of your glove box.

In the engine bay fuse box, if you are looking at it with the relays on top, it is the second one. The fuse box cover has a diagram on the underside.

Electronic Fuel Injection Electrical Control Unit. It's the fuse for the computer in the car.

The 2004 Taurus fuse box is located in the engine compartment. The labeling of each fuse is on the inside of the fuse box cover. The power window fuse location can be found by looking at the diagram.

Depending on what you are looking for, it will be under the dash or in the engine compartment.

check the fuse box under the hood in the engine compartment

The fuse panel is under the cover above the kick stand on the left side

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