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Jessica has no meaning in Hawaiian. Only Hawaiian names have meaning in Hawaiian. But you can write it "Iekika".

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What does the word fat mean in Hawaiian?

Fat translated in Hawaiian is momona which also means "delicious!"

What does the hawaiian name keleka mean?

Keleka is not a Hawaiian name. It's an English name pronounced with a Hawaiian accent.When translated, however, it could mean "the letter" (as in a love letter or note)

What is the Hawaiian name for Jessica?

Jessica = Iehika (pronounced Yeh-hee-kah)

What does Beth mean in hawiian?

The Hawaiian language doesn't contain the letters B or T, so Beth can't be a Hawaiian word... so it doesn't mean anything in Hawaiian.If you're interesting in how the name Beth is translated into in Hawaiian...Beth = PekaBethany = PekaniElizabeth = Elikapeka

What does kamelonu mean in hawaiian?

It's the name Cameron translated. It also means the cheater , the liar, or the rogue (thief).

What is the word 'Jessica' when translated from English to Arabic?

The word "Jessica" in Arabic is spelled جيسيكا.

What is meat in hawaiian?

It is translated as 'i'o holoholona.

How do you say Jessica in french?

Jessica. Names are universally translated in any language.

How do you say Nuture in Hawaiian?

Nuture isn't a word in English, so it can't be translated to Hawaiian.

What is hawaiian meaning of kylee?

Kylee still doesn't mean anything, even if it can be translated. Mahalo! Aloha: CORRECTED: If you mean the name Kylee, there are 2 rtanslations in HI`ian.... 1- Kile (kee-lay), and 2- Kileni (kee-lay-nee) There is no Y in the Hawaiian alphabet. You need a Hawaiian word to have a Hawaiian meaning.

What does ukulele mean in English?

It is a Hawaiian word that can be translated as "Jumping Flea" or "The gift that came."There are two translations of the Hawaiian word ukulele. One means 'jumping flea' and the other is 'gift that came.'

What is the name 'Jessica' when translated from English to Arabic?

It comes from the Hebrew Yiskáh (confined).

What is the name 'Jessica' when translated from English to Indonesian?

It is written Jessica, but the pronouncation is different. Indonesian people will pronounce it Jessiica.

What is Jessica Albas nationality?

Jessica alba's father is cuban, and her mother is Chinese, french, Cherokee native american, and hawaiian.

How do you say John in Hawaiian?

John is translated to Keoni in Hawaii.

What does 'Aloha' mean?

"ALOHA" is the most popular Hawaiian word known and spoken around the world. The Hawaiian word "Aloha" is among the most sacred and powerful of all Hawaiian words. Speaking it over time is said to have the power to transform one's attitude, heal one's negative emotions, and help to protect and guide one's lifetime journey.ALOHA is a Hawaiian word meaning; "Hello, Goodbye, Love, Compassion, Welcome and Good Wishes ..." What is the true meaning of the "Hawaiian Aloha Spirit" ..? The Hawaiian Aloha Spirit like Love itself is beyond any total description of words yet like a Sunrise, Aloha must be experienced, felt within and then passed on to others. The letters of the Hawaiian word A-L-O-H-A help us to rememeber:(A) AKAHAI [ Ah kah hai' ] (careful offering) In Hawaiian translated to mean: kindness, modesty, gentleness, unpretentiousness, being unassuming, unobtrusive, tenderness...(L) LOKAHI [ Loh' kah hee ] (to obtain oneness) In Hawaiian translated to mean: unity, agreement, accord, unison, harmony...(O) `OLU'OLU [ Oh' loo oh' loo ] (cool, refreshing) In Hawaiian translated to mean: agreeable, pleasantness, amiability, contentment, happiness, graciousness, congeniality, cordiality, affability...(H) HA'AHA'A [ Hah' ah hah' ah ] (low) In Hawaiian translated to mean: humility, humbleness, self-effacing, modesty...(A) AHONUI [ Ah hoh nui' ] (great breath) In Hawaiian translated to mean: patience, perseverance, endurance, long suffering, tolerance...Another Hawaiian word which embraces the True Meaning of the word Aloha is: LOKOMAIKA'I ( pronounced: Loh koh mai' kah ee ) which in Hawaiian is translated to mean: "the good inside, good will, good disposition, generosity, grace, kindness, humanity, benevolence, beneficence" and last but not least; "Loving Kindness..."[ more info at link posted below... ]

What does haena mean in the hawaiian language?

what does ha'ena mean in the Hawaiian language

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