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What does Lincoln believe the South fears most about his Republican administration?

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Q: What does Lincoln believe the South fears most about his Republican administration?
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Why did repulican governments have trouble in the south after civil war?

Lincoln was Republican so anti-Republican resentment was wide-spread throughout the post-war South.

Why did bolivar believe that South Americans were not ready for the republican form of government?


Whom did the republican part nominate in 1860?

The Republican Party candidates in 1860 were Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward, Simon Cameron, Salmon P. Chase, and Edward Bates. The Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincoln. When Lincoln won the presidency, South Carolina formally seceded from the Union.

What were 2 accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln during his administration?

He forced the south to stay loyal and forced the south to give up slavery.

What did Lincoln-Douglas debtes do for Abhram Lincoln?

Made Douglas unpopular in the South, which helped to split the Democratic party, so that the Republican presidential candidate (Lincoln) was bound to win.

When did South Carolina break away?

As soon as the result of the Presidential election came in - with Lincoln as the first Republican president.

Who said to the south you are not enemies but friends?

I believe you are referring to a quote by President Abraham Lincoln.

What stopped lincolns plans for reconstruction to the south?

After Lincoln was assassinated, his plan for reconstruction was stopped and cancelled by the Radical Republican, who had the majority in the Congress.

How did Lincoln react when the lower south seceded?

Lincoln committed himself to reuniting the union at any cost. Although he was elected on the anti-slavery Republican ticket, Lincoln's main reason for going to war was not to stop slavery, but to restore the union. He didn't believe the southerners even had the legal right to secede.

Why did Lincoln fear he might not be?

In the Summer of 1864, radical Republicans did not see the progress they expected from US President Lincoln's efforts to end the war and end slavery. Lincoln was a moderate Republican and to many of the radicals, he had been too soft on the South. This, in 1864, was an unfair charge against Lincoln. He and his generals were doing all that was possible to force the South into a surrender. Lincoln feared that the Republican Party would not nominate him as their candidate for the November 1864 presidential election.

Who was the Republican responsible for the American Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln, first President of the newly-formed Republican Party. His refusal to allow any new slave-states drove the South to rebellion.

What was the deciding factor that caused the first group of southern states to secede from the Union?

The first states seceded when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Officially, Abraham Lincoln believed that all new states admitted to the Union should be free states. Although Lincoln was viewed as a moderate in the North, he was considered an extremist in the South. Southerners feared that Lincoln would not allow slavery to continue at all, even though Lincoln did not espouse this as his official position. South Carolina was the first state to secede, declaring itself independent from the Union.

Why is the South so Republican?

The South is Republican because of various racial issues.

Which party split in the election of 1860?

Democrats split into two groups: North Democrats and South Democrats. Lincoln, who was Republican, won the election.

When did South Carolina pass an order of secession?

December 1860 - after Lincoln had been elected as the first president from the newly-formed Republican party.

Why did Bolivar believe that South Americans were not ready for a republican form of government?

He believed that the state did not want change. And that if South America turned into a republican form of government that the state would fall apart because they would not have someone in charge.

Why did South Carolina secede from the union other than slavery?

South Carolina swore to secede form the Union if a republican was elected president. When Lincoln was elected, they made good on their promise.

What was one reason the election of Abraham Lincoln as the US president further divided the North and the South?

Although before and after his election, Abraham Lincoln wanted no armed conflicts or a civil war between the North and the South. He tried his best to assure the South he would allow them slavery if they wished. based on the membership of the Republican Party, a party that was created to abolish slavery, the South believed that a Republican US president was going to harm their way of life.

What event led to the immediate secession of South Carolina?

The election of Lincoln as the first Republican president, after the Democratic Party had split into two factions. Lincoln had been elected because he was moderate on the slavery issue.

Why did some historians believe President Lincoln tricked the South into attacking Fort Sumter?

because isayy they did .

What was the South's reaction to the election of Abraham Lincoln to the US presidency?

The Southern states did not want the Republican Abraham Lincoln to be elected into office. Before Lincoln took the presidential seat, seven states in the South had already called delegates to succeed from the Union.

What did South Carolina do after Abraham Lincoln was elected?

South Carolina had a long record of not liking Federal interference in their affairs. They were also a strong slave minded state. When the antislavery Republican, Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election, South Carolina seceded from the US. This happened on December 20, 1860.

Why is south USA racist?

because they are republican and believe everything should be keep the same and don't like other races

Why did the election of Abraham Lincoln as president lead to the seeion of South Carolina?

Because the new Republican Party was seen as being hostile to Southern interests.

How did Lincoln win the election in 1860?

The Democratic Party had split into two factions, North and South. They split their votes between Douglas and Breckinridge. This made it easier for the Republican candidiate, Abraham Lincoln, to win the race.