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"the gays i like to me" The sentence really makes no sense. it was formed wrong, so what i think they meant was "to me i like gays"

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Los gays me gusta a mí = "I like gay people"

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Q: What does Los gays me gusta a mi mean?
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What does mi gusta mean?

I like

What does mi gusta chicos mean?

Something like: "ME TO LIKING BOYS", because "mi gusta chicos" sounds as horrible as the first "phrase". replace mi with me then instead of gusta put gustan then put los and viola finish product is: (" A mi" you could also put that at the beggining) Me gustan los chicos. In Spanish you must say: "A MÍ" --- to me / me / I A MI... --- To my (point of view)

What does Qu te gusta hacer mean?

What do you like to do? And then you answer, "A mi me gusta...."

What does mi gusta te gusta mean in spanish?

Me gusta te gusta = pleases me, please you/I like (it), you like (it)

What does mi gusta tu mean?

It means" I like your..." in Spanish :)No it does not. Mi gusta tu is gibberish in Spanishi agree with the answer ahead of me. replace mi with me and then it will make senseit will "me me gusta tu..."

What does mi gusta musica en espanol mean?

"mi gusta musica" doesn't mean anything. "me gusta la música" means "I like music" or "I like listening to music".

What does mi gusta mean in english?

Me gusta*It means I like, or more literally, "___ are pleasing to me"

How do you respond to quรฉ te gusta hacer mean?

you can say a mi me gusta or just me gusta.... and then whatever it is that you like

What does 'a mi me gusta' mean in English?

The Spanish phrase "a mi me gusta" means "I like" in English. For example, if you wanted to say "I like the beach," you could say this: A mi me gusta la playa.

What does a mi me gusta mas mean?

"I like it more"

What does kel no mi gusta mean?

i think mean aquel when you say kel and me instead of mi so in the end its suppost to be " aquel no me gusta" which translates to "i dont like him."

What does A mi you gusta monatr en mean?

Well it should read 'A mi me gusta montar' which is Spanish for 'I like to ride' or 'I like riding'.

What is 'a mi te gusta' in English?

A mi te gusta makes no sense. it translates to "to me you like" I think you mean "a me me gustas" which translates to "I like you"

What does como a mi gusta mean?

something as badly as: "AS ME TO LIKING"

How do you answer Que me gusta hacer mi?

A mi me gusta hacer muchas cosas.

What does A mi me gusta mucho mean in Spanish?

I like it very much.

What does a mi me gusta las chickas mean in English?

'I like the girls'

What does Quรฉ te gusta mean in English?

It means: "What do you like?" So you can answer it by saying: A mi me gusta Futból (i like football)

What does mi me gusta cuando you llamas mireina mean?

I like it when you call you mireina ...

What does me gusta much mi horario mean?

It means, "I really like my schedule."

What does mi gusta mus?

I like (it) more = me gusta mas

What is 'How are you' in Spanish?

Mi gusta

What is a mi gusta un rojo mean?

it means "I like red" (the color red)

What does los amores de mi vida mean?

los amores de mi vida

What does mi gusta que mis padres you amo mi mucho mean?

I think you might be trying to say "me gusta que mis padres me aman mucho" which means "I like that my parents love me"