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What does MAIN stand for in the cause of world war 1?

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Militiarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism

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Is imperialism a cause of World War 2?

YES. it was the main cause.

What are the main cause of world war 1?

The main cause of WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Is militarism a cause of World War I?

Yes, the four main reasons of World War 1 were Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism(M.A.I.N)

What was the Main cause of death in World War 2?

For who? The germans, jews, americans, japanese?

What could be the immediate cause of World War I?

The main cause of world war 1 was all of the alliances nations made. It was also because Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a terrorist.

Who caused the World War 2 to begin?

In simplest terms, the main cause of World War two was World War one, consult your local history teacher for more information.

What are 4 main causes of world war 1?

tha main cause is Militarism of Germany building up its weapons,

Did World War I cause the gulf war?

no the world war 1 did not cause the gulf war.

What was the cause of world war two?

Hitler's aggression was the main cause in Europe. The Japanese desire to control the Pacific in that area.

In World War 2 what was the main cause of death?

Bombs, mass shootings and the Hiroshima bombing

In World War 2 what did the letters G you stand for?

During world war two what did the abbreviation "GI" stand for???

What does MAIN stand for in world war one?

AnswerMilitarismAlliance SystemImperialismNationalism

How did nationalism help to cause World War I and world war 2?

Well what is considered the main catalyst of World War 1, The Assassination of Duke Franz Ferdinand, was carried out by a Serbian Nationalist, Gavrilo Princip.

What is the main cause of war?

the main cause of war is religon Hi callum and griff come on then There are many causes of war inc: religion, Land and Power

What was the main cause that started world war 1 and who was involved?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and in time, it involved most of the world.

Was the Nazi party a main cause of world war 2?

In European parts. On Asia-Pacific side, Nazi party was a not a cause of WW2

What does World War II stand for?

"WWII" is an abbreviation for "World War 2."

What is the main cause of death of World War 2 veterans?

Old age. The youngest legal veteran of World War 2 is going to be 78 years old at this point.

What is the core cause of World War 1?

There are 5 main causes. It's up to you to decide which is main. they are: Militarism, Imperialism, the assassination, alliances, and nationalism.

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